TCM Services

TCM’s Resolution Services

We offer more than just mediation – we have over 15 years experience in management training, coaching, early conciliation, investigation and neutral evaluation services and much more.

We work with some of the UK’s largest organisations and our fully accredited resolution team resolves over 90% of disputes referred to us and have helped to implement hundreds of resolution services and development programs across the UK.

Resolution Review

The resolution suite is designed to prepare organisations to manage employee challenges effectively and efficiently using mediation, early conciliation and the full adoption of the model resolution policy.

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Mediation Schemes

A mediation scheme is when an organisation has a team of trained and accredited workplace mediators; the mediators understand the unique nature, culture, structure and values of their organisation. 

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Human Resources Solutions

The Human Resource Solutions is a comprehensive dispute resolution, employee relations and human resources consultancy. We will develop frameworks and policies and help to implement an effective human resource solution, going forward.

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Learning and Development

This solution will help anyone in your organisation in a leadership or management position to develop the skills, strategies and tools to manage bad performance, create strong productive teams and investigate workplace grievances.

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Management Consulting

Many leaders are promoted based on their technical skills rather than their ability to handle people management challenges. We develop the managers that your company needs. The programme is built in alignment with your company values, HR policies and leadership competencies.

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Small Business Development

The TCM Group are experts in dispute resolution and conflict management, small businesses face similar challenges to all other businesses. The TCM Group work with small businesses to find training and solutions that work alongside their values and business approach. 

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TCM+ is a subscription service that can be purchased per organisation. Each subscription provides organisations with a number of points that can be used on selected services, including training, mediation and resolution services throughout the year.

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Turnaround Management

TCM are skilled in reaching an understanding of which members of staff will be critical to a turnaround. Managing emotions, expectations & retention plans for these members of staff is crucial. Ensuring employee engagement during a turnaround results in investment benefits rather than cost implication.

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Leadership Suite

Leaders 20:20 has been created as a visionary development programme to bring leadership and management skills into the 21st Century. Many leaders and managers are promoted based on their technical skills rather than their ability to handle people management challenges. As a result, valuable time and money is wasted, all of which could be spent growing your business.

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