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Top 3: Mistakes made by managers

10 Feb 2017

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Top 3: Mistakes made by managers

1. Not dealing with conflict

Don’t: avoid difficult conversations. At some stage every business has to make tough decisions that may not be popular with everyone.

Managers have a habit of hoping an prickly issue or conflict between employees will go away of its own accord. It usually doesn’t.

Do: address conflict. Workplace conflict can be challenging, particularly when it involves complex or sensitive issues. However, resolving conflict ultimately saves you time and money. It reduces stress, increases productivity and helps retain employees.

Address conflict by attacking the problem, not the person. Focus on what you and others can do to solve the problem, without playing the blame game, and you will soon be able to move on from the conflict together.

2. Failure to engage your team

Don’t: underestimate the importance of engaged employees. Through no fault of their own, managers are usually appointed because of their technical ability, rather than their ability to engage and communicate with their team.

When employees leave a company, the most common reason is the relationship with their manager. Employees leave managers, not jobs or companies.

Do: encourage workplace engagement. Most employees want to be part of a compelling future. Support employees to express their ideas and perspectives without criticism.

Keep them informed on what’s going on and how their jobs contribute to the organisation as a whole.

3. Doing it all yourself

Don’t: attempt to solve every problem yourself. Managers often avoid asking for help out of fear that it will be seen as a sign of weakness.

Do: work through problems collaboratively or as a team. Encouraging team members to take responsibility for resolving an issue can be empowering and increase their sense of engagement.

If your organisation doesn’t have the skills to resolve issues internally, look outside for help. A little investment in engaging your team and creating a more positive environment can go a long way to improving overall performance and saving money in the future.

Of course, these of just some of the challenges managers face. Getting the best out of people can be the one of the biggest challenges an organisation faces, yet seldom is it addressed properly.

If you’re looking to tackle conflict in your organisation, increase engagement in your team or resolve complex issues, get in touch.

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