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Leading resolution organisation launches ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign

7 Dec 2018

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Leading Resolution Organisation launches ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign

  • 11th year for ground breaking campaign to help companies to reduce the negative impact of conflict at work.
  • The TCM Group’s Christmas Campaign will support the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

The TCM Group are pleased to announce the launch of their ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ campaign for the 11th year this December. The aim is to help companies resolve office quarrels, disagreements, fights or feuds before 2019 and raise money for charity.

Conflict can happen at any time of the year, but conflict during and over the festive period can be particularly stressful for everyone involved. Over the past 11 years’, TCM’s Clear your Desk of Conflict Campaign has helped many of their clients to resolve hundreds of disputes including complex allegations of bullying or workplace harassment.

Helen Roden, Head of Employee Relations & Engagement Santander UK Operations explains why she is supporting the TCM Clear your Desk Of Conflict Campaign: ‘Santander Operations actively promotes the use of mediation to resolve workplace issues. In one case, mediation enabled the parties to talk openly and equally and to explain how they felt as a result of the others approach. The individuals are now able to work together productively which has also had a positive benefit with their wider team.’

Conflict at Christmas is particularly stressful

The dispute resolution experts at TCM witness first-hand how stressful and upsetting conflict can be, particularly during the festive season. David Liddle, founder and CEO of The TCM Group explains: “The Clear Your Desk of Conflict campaign means that the team at TCM can actively do something to remove barriers to peace and harmony. We will ensure that people really do have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Christmas should be a time of celebration where people can enjoy a break from work but for those caught-up in a conflict situation, relaxing and enjoying a well-deserved break with friends and family is the last thing on their minds.”

Supporting the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

TCM’s campaign not only focuses on helping people enjoy Christmas, it also raises money for charity which is a subject close to the hearts of the team at TCM. Over the years they have raised money for several different charities and this year they are aiming to raise £1,000 for The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust – http://www.stephenlawrence.org.uk/.

Karen Satterthwaite, Business Development Manager from the charity explains why their work is so important and valuable right now: “We are delighted that TCM have chosen our organisation to support as part of their Christmas Campaign. We share a commitment to the nonviolent and collaborative resolution of conflicts across society. 2018 has been a momentous year, marking both the 25th anniversary of Stephen Lawrence’s murder and 20 years since the Trust was founded in his name. We are asking you to join us as a friend, to help us continue our vital work. In 2019, we will deliver the very first annual Stephen Lawrence Day, providing schools and communities with the opportunity to engage in activities that strengthen and empower them to ‘live their best life’.  “

The TCM Group will donate money when people post pictures of their clear desks on social media using #clearyourdesk, as well as when their mediation services are booked in December or places booked onto their National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course.

Mediation works!

Traditional methods for resolving disputes invariably end up in stress, anxiety and at worse litigation which dictates that one party must win and one party must lose. Mediation delivers a Win/Win outcome for all parties and, with a success rate of over 90%, it is now the most effective form of conflict resolution available. With over 20 years’ experience, the team at TCM have a wealth of knowledge to help resolve even the toughest of disputes.

2019 will be another tumultuous year as the UK faces the impending Brexit deal. Business Leaders, Managers and HR Professionals will need to focus their attention on the new challenges ahead in their business, without the distraction of conflict and disputes within their organisation.

To ‘Clear Your Desk of Conflict’ this Christmas, contact The TCM Group on 0800 294 97 87 or email them on [email protected]