£550 Raised for the Stroke Association – Clear your desk of conflict!

stroke association

£550 Raised for the Stroke Association – Clear your desk of conflict!

£550 donated the Stroke Association

We raised £550 for the Stroke Association!

We would like to thank everybody that got involved in this years Christmas campaign, ‘clear your desk of conflict’. 49 people shared a ‘deskie’ (a picture of their desk) on Twitter, so thank you to all the Tweeters that got involved, great work! 

We also managed to donate over £500 on behalf of organisations such as Interflora, Ingeus, Wandsworth Council, University of Nottingham and Network Rail, who implemented a dispute resolution service in December.

We have really enjoyed seeing people pull together to raise money for a great cause. The donations that we made to the Stroke Association on your behalf of you will help fund:

  • Pioneering preventative and rehabilitative stroke research.
  • Life After Stroke Services across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Life After Stroke Grants for stroke survivors experiencing financial hardship.

If you would like more information about the money raised please don’t hesitate to ask.



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The TCM Group is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘clear your desk of conflict’ campaign, for the eighth year running. Since 2008, every year we save our clients approximately £600,000 during quarter three, with a campaign goal to get all your internal disputes resolved before the New Year.

This year TCM have decided to donate £50 to the Stroke Association for every organisation that implements any conflict resolution service through TCM before 2017. We will also donate £1 to every single person that shares a picture of their desk, clear or cluttered, on Twitter using #TCMResolution and @thetcmgroup.

David Liddle, TCM’s CEO saw the immediate damage a stroke can cause, when his Father suffered a stroke around 10 years ago. This is not a one off, another member of the resolution team’s father also had a stroke very recently. It is something that is close to our hearts.

We have worked with an impressive client list over the years including: The Metropolitan Police, BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Marks & Spencer, HSBC, Arcadia, DWP and The Royal Bank of Scotland.

This campaign is all about starting the new year with a ‘clean slate’. Christmas and the New Year will be here before you know it and most people are beginning to feel excited about indulging and relaxing with their loved ones over the Christmas break. Resolving any disputes at work before the break can provide an extra boost when returning – peace at work is not a myth.

2017 is going to be a year of significant change and potential opportunity. Article 50 will be triggered, President Trump will take up office and the UK’s economic projections are at best uncertain. Why enter into the new year with the added stress of an unresolved dispute, grievance or complaint sat on your desk?

Resolve your office disputes now and you and your colleagues can focus on your new year’s resolutions rather than dispute resolution. TCM are proud to resolve over 93% of cases and have worked on some of the most challenging workplace disputes imaginable.

Dispute resolution is almost always more effective when dealt with at an early stage. Do not wait until the new year. Compare the cost of TCM’s dispute resolution to the tens of thousands you might end up spending on employment tribunal’s in the new year, and you can see how it makes sound financial sense.

Get involved!

If you would like to get involved in this campaign, please do let us know. Call 0800 294 97 98 or email info@thetcmgroup.com. We have set a target of £500 and would appreciate any help in reaching this, either through the implementation of any TCM service (£50 donation) or by Tweeting @tcmgroup,using #TCMResolution and include a photo of your desk (£1 donation). 

What people say about us

Sandra Pressley, Senior Nurse & Practice Development Facilitator, Isle of Man Department of Health.

‘’I would recommend The TCM Group’s services as being highly beneficial for your workplace. They helped all of us at the Isle of Man Department of Health embrace mediation with absolute enthusiasm. They are very professional, bring a wide range of experience and knowledge and made us all feel very supported’’

Mike Emmott, Adviser, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

“The TCM Group has made a significant contribution to furthering the cause of workplace mediation in both public and private sectors. David was ahead of the field in recognising the need for the mediation community to adopt a more professional framework, and doing something about it. His commitment to providing mediation and training in-house mediators is allied with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He is always looking to drive the agenda forward and is an active member of the Civil Mediation Council Workplace Mediation Committee.”

If you would like to discuss anything raised in the blog or how The TCM Group can support your organisation in assessing and improving your organisations soft skills, please contact hello@thetcmgroup.com or call 0800 294 9787.

See how the campaign has gone so far:

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