TCM’s 4 pillars of leadership that deliver of tangible results. 

TCM’s 4 pillars of leadership that deliver of tangible results. 

In today’s world we ask an awful lot of our leaders. We expect them to deliver in so many ways but we often fail to provide the training and support that they need. At TCM we hear time and time again that employees think their managers and leaders are technically very able, but really struggle when it comes to managing people. What’s missing are the soft skills that are so vital to building and maintaining the psychological contract, communicating effectively, having courageous conversations, building effective teams and handling conflict. The impact of not putting these core competencies in place is that resentments, misunderstandings, clashes, tensions, disagreements and divisions can occur, And I’m not talking about a healthy debate or respectful dissent, I’m talking about simmering or even full blown disagreements which have a terminal effect on the working relationship.

At TCM we have developed four pillars of effective leadership to help organisations develop a coherent leadership competency framework. These pillars are used as a starting point for a discussion within our customers organisations. We use them with our customers to start a conversation about what leadership means and what is expected of their leaders. 

Click to download: The 4 pillars of leadership that deliver tangible results.

TCM – dragging soft skills into the 21st Century

At TCM, we have designed high impact, soft skills training for leaders and managers. Specifically, we have developed 2 unique programmes:

  1. The Diploma in People, Performance and Engagement (PPE). This is a 12 module soft skills programme delivered over a period of 6-12 months. It icnludes a unique blend of wporkshops, webnbased, one to one coacing and simulated workshops
  2. Better Resolutions. This is a 6 module, truncated version of the Diploma delivered over 3 days, It is delivered via workshops and web based learning

Both programmes are designed around your organisation. We spend a lot of time at the outset undertaking a detailed training needs analysis and getting to know you and your people. This helps us to tailor the programme so that it delivers a real, tangible impact. Delegates on both programmes benefit from 12 months support and aftercare including one to one coaching and webinars.

– David Liddle

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