Master your skills for career and business success

Master your skills for career and business success

Whether you realise it or not, you’re already an experienced mediator.

Negotiation is especially important at work. Whatever it is you do, your career will be shaped by the strength of your negotiating skills. A good negotiator will be better equipped to develop useful alliances, secure promotions and perform better in day-to-day tasks. Having the skills to engage with two or more parties to partake in negotiation are the beginnings of a practical mediator. 

Mediation is ideal for addressing a range of workplace challenges including relationship breakdown, personality clashes, communication problems, bullying, discrimination or harassment – all issues that require skilled knowledge and negotiation. It might be a single employee with a grievance, a disagreement between an employee and a manager, or an issue between two co-workers.

Differences between individuals at work can lead to grievances, absenteeism and ultimately loss of valuable employees. As a result, workplace disputes cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds per year.

Click to learn: Become an accredited mediator with the UK’s benchmark qualification for workplace mediation

Mediation helps people sort out their differences – often in just one-day. That’s why organisations are increasingly training their staff to mediate in workplace disputes.

Your organisation may already be committed to mediation and wish train staff to the benchmark standard. If so, this is the ideal course.

The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation is our flagship course. This course has been delivered and refined over the past fourteen years and we have trained many hundreds of active mediators across the UK. It is the UK’s benchmark qualification for workplace, employment and business mediators.

“This course is just brilliant. I enjoyed the frequent role plays and the trainer’s tips and feedback. This course has exceeded my expectations. I feel as though I am ready to practise a real mediation session. TCM are a very professional organisation, able to provide delegates with valuable skills, practise and confidence for becoming a successful mediator.”

Stacey Baptiste, HR Advisor at DHL, National Certificate in Workplace Mediation

– David Liddle

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