TCM are turning dispute resolution on its head

TCM are turning dispute resolution on its head

Business disputes cost the UK economy an estimated £33billion a year according to The CBI. The stress and the time taken to resolve tough business issues is overwhelming and causes a distraction that few business leaders need.

Effective dispute resolution helps minimise the costs and damage to relationships arising from the commercial disputes that are an almost inevitable part of doing business. If informal negotiation fails to resolve a dispute, mediation can be a much better option than litigation in court.

TCM+ is a subscription service that provides small, medium and large businesses with access to experienced, high-calibre dispute Resolution Specialists on a flexible basis, at a fraction of the cost.

Companies with a wide variety of needs will benefit from a TCM+ subscription. Whether you’re a micro business, a small family business, an SME, a public body or a blue chip organisation with multiple sites, TCM+ will deliver a peace of mind that complex issues or challenges will be resolved without the threat of legal action or damage to your reputation.

TCM+ launches on 10th May. To be in with the chance to access an early bird discount, get in contact today and receive up to 15% off your 1st year subscription!

Join David Liddle, CEO of the TCM Group, who will be hosting a FREE webinar on 12.30pm on Monday the 23rd May 2016 – David Liddle

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