Chloe joined TCM in 2021, inspired to combine her passion for occupational Psychology with her client-focused experience. She thrives as part of a fast-paced, driven, and progressive team, with the client experience always at the heart of what she does.

Here at TCM, Chloe operates our Open Access Training courses and in-house Short Courses right from creation to post-completion. She works closely with our clients and takes pride in her track-record of forming long-lasting relationships, simultaneously providing dependable business support.

Chloe has a degree in Psychology and loves to expand and apply her knowledge to the real world. She has a keen interest in what we do and is eager to learn both at work from her colleagues, and in her personal life. In her spare-time, she improves her Spanish by language-exchange, plays musical instruments and frequents coffee shops with friends.

At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM

Management of the lifecycle of Open Access Training courses through the TCM Academy

Management and assignment set up for all in-house short courses including Engage Leadership

Liaison and main point of contact for course accreditors and certifiers

Chloe specialises in:

Client-focused practice

Critical thinking and problem-solving

Communication and interpersonal skills

Attention to detail

Qualifications and Awards

BSc (Hons) in Psychology