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Free Webinars from TCM

Free Webinars from TCM

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Soft skills seem to have gone out of fashion. However, having the essential people skills to resolve problems, manage change, build rapport, and create a collaborative team have never been more vital in today’s business environment. This which will answer the following question – how can we bring soft skills into the 21st century? During the webinar, I will explain how 21st Century soft skills are integral to business performance, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.  The webinar will draw on my personal experience of working with some of the UK’s largest employers to help them and their leaders create a high performing teams and a productive business environment.

The webinar will include an overview of: 

  • Modern leadership competencies and behaviours
  • Emotional intelligence as a tool for managing change
  • Transformational leadership and its relevance to the modern business
  • The Ulrich model – the role of manager as HR practitioner

Our webinars are available free of charge and are ideal for business leaders, HR and learning and development professionals. 

Times and details
Date Activity Topic
20th November 2018 Webinar The Benefits of Mediation
5th December 2018 Webinar Clear your desk of conflict


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