Leaders 20:20

Leaders 20:20

Leaders 20:20

Leaders 20:20 – Visionary Development

Programme Induction

Leaders 20:20 is different. This programme works from the assumption that whatever their expertise, today’s leaders and managers need to improve in:

  • Thinking and acting bigger picture and longer term
  • Anticipating change or responding to it
  • Grasping new ideas and innovating
  • Formulating sustainable solutions to challenges / problems
  • Interacting with others to everyone’s benefit

Traditional development helps leaders to set goals, plan, design and implement work structures, systems and procedures. Leaders 20:20 does this but goes much further. It develops leaders’ people skills using the latest practical insights from neuroscience, systems thinking and workplace mediation.

The programme provides the right amount of information for leaders to understand themselves and their interactions with other people better. It enables them to make better judgements and decisions for themselves, their teams and their organisations.    

It does this without getting bogged down in psychological theorising or ‘psychobabble’.

Programme Structure

Leaders 20:20 is proven to deliver learning that changes behaviours and cultures

Leaders 20:20

Leaders 20:20

  • Development needs analysis and programme design
  • Pre-workshop learning activities for programme participants including identifying personal leadership challenges and pre-course e-learning where appropriate
  • Face-to-face facilitated workshops or webinars using actors where appropriate
  • Post-workshop implementation of learning activities
  • Between workshops action learning sets (initially facilitated by us)
  • One-to-one coaching of programme participants
  • Evaluation of impact during the programme at individual, team and organisational levels using Kirkpatrick levels 3 and 4 as appropriate
Visionary Development for Leaders and Managers

 Leaders 20:20 in a nutshell…

  • Equips leaders with the people skills to succeed in the 21stcentury global business environment
  • Maps to your competences, values and HR policies
  • Leads to an ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Uses blended approaches to facilitate learning
  • Develops leaders’ people skills
  • Transforms teams and business cultures
  • Oozes practical leadership techniques!
Leaders 20:20™ Taster Session
  • Duration: 0.5 days
  • Suitable for: Leaders and managers with some experience including L+D professionals searching for new programmes
  • Learning outcomes: Participants will significantly develop their people skills and start to transform their team and business cultures
  • Delivery: In-house (London and regional)
  • Trainers: Delivered by TCM’s expert trainers
  • Cost:Free for open courses – contact us for our latest prices for in-house courses.

Contact us for dates and availability on 0800 294 9787 or email hello@thetcmgroup.com

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