Managing Conflict Masterclass

Join our CEO and author of ‘Managing Conflict’ David Liddle in an exclusive online masterclass. The event is free to attend and examines conflict resolution, based on David’s 20+ years experience as a thought leader in the fields of mediation, conflict management, employee relations and leadership development. The masterclass explores selected topics and case studies included in his book, giving you the perfect introduction to managing conflict in your workplace.


  1. The workshop is completely FREE of charge!
  2. The workshop is run online using Zoom.
  3. It lasts for 1.5 hours 10.00am to 11.30am.
  4. It is suitable for business leaders, senior manager, HR,L&D and OD, professionals, union reps and inhouse lawyers.

David has run his popular masterclasses numerous times so you can be sure this masterclass is a good use of your precious time. During the workshop, David will cover a wide range of issues including:

  1. What is conflict, how does it happen, what impact does it have and why are we so bad at managing it?
  2. My tops tips for managing a conflict at work (hint: listen more)
  3. How to take the grief out of grievance and the dysfunction out of discipline.
  4. Introducing an alternative to the traditional discipline and grievance procedures – the TCM Resolution Framework
  5. An overview of the the resolution spectrum and the resolution index (RI)
  6. How to integrate resolution into your post pandemic recovery plan and your people strategy.
  7. How the effective management of conflict can contribute to higher levels of engagement, wellbeing and productivity.


  1. Wednesday 15th July 2020 – register here.
Managing Conflict by David Liddle

The benefits of attending the Managing Conflict Masterclass include:

  • Understand how HR, unions and managers can work together to promote a culture of compassionate collaborative problem solving.
  • Learn how to replace your corrosive, divisive and damaging Grievance, Bullying and Harassment (GBH) procedures with a new approach called a Resolution Policy™.
  •  Explore why line managers get conflict management so wrong and what you can do to make them the best mediators your organisation has.
  •  Learn how to make more use of mediation to reduce the stress, the cost and the wasted time so often associated with dispute resolution.
  •  Recognise that sickness levels caused by stress are entirely avoidable if organisations started listening to their employees before a problem escalates.
  • Understand how a lack of a strategic framework for managing conflict and change is costing your business thousands, if not millions of pounds each year.
  • Learn how to set up and manage a workplace investigation.