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Event Name: Mediation and Investigations iOpener

Date: Thursday 7th November 2019 between 12.30pm – 1pm

Speaker: Johanna Whelehan and Gary Rogers.

This short webinar (45 minutes) will provide a detailed overview of both the mediation and investigation processes. It will explore best practice in both areas and provide guidance for HR and ER professionals who are required to set up and run an investigation or mediation. The session is lead by two of the UK’s leading lights in the worlds of mediation and investigations.

The session will focus on:

The 45-minute webinar will showcase the benefits of mediation including :

  • Measuring the real cost of conflict to your organisation.
  • What is mediation and how does it work?
  • Introducing The FAIR Mediation Model™
  • The use of mediation in workplace disputes.
  • How mediation can reduce stress, absence and sickness.
  • Using mediation to tackle bullying and harassment.
  • Resolving team and group conflicts with mediation.
  • How to become a trained and fully accredited workplace mediator.
  • Reducing the risk of litigation and employment tribunal claims.
  • Case studies from organisations who have used mediation.


Founder and Chief Executive of The TCM Group

David Liddle, has extensive experience of mediation and dispute resolution within a variety of contexts. In the early nineties, David established Leicestershire Mediation Service - one of the first community mediation schemes in the UK. David ran the scheme for eight years and in that time he established the Conflict Resolution in Schools Programme (CRISP), was a founding member of the Midlands Mediation Network and pioneered the use of restorative justice (RJ) to tackle youth offending. He was also active in numerous mediation, RJ, and community regeneration programmes across UK. In 2001, David established The TCM Group (TCM stands for Total Conflict Management). His vision for TCM was, and still is, to reduce the negative impact of conflict at work by creating the conditions for employees and managers to have better conversations. For the past 18 years, TCM has been at the forefront of conflict management, mediation, employee relations and leadership best practice. David has built a world class team of consultants who work with numerous household names including Royal Mail, HSBC, BT, Network Rail, BA, Aviva, The DWP, The UN and many others to develop and integrate person-centred and values-based systems, cultures and leadership practices. David was awarded his MBA with distinction after studying the use of mediation and ADR within three large organisations. David is also author of ‘MANAGING CONFLICT’ (Kogan Page/CIPD) and he is working on his second book ‘MANAGING CULTURE for the same publishers (due for publication Spring 2020). David is a father of three beautiful children and, when he is not mediating or writing, he enjoys cycling and supporting the local Cub pack in his role as Akela.


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