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Mediation CPD

Mediation and Mental Health

Mental Health And Mediation CPD Event


This workshop explores the considerations involved in mediating when parties are suffering from mental health issues in order to help the mediator get the best possible outcomes for parties, whilst protecting the integrity of mediation, and the mediator. The issues of mediators assessing parties’ capacity for mediation are also addressed. Delegates also look at the core values of inclusivity and self-determination, including reflection on personal hooks, triggers, blocks and barriers and what we need as mediating professionals in this context. We will also look at the practical tools, techniques and interventions to facilitate mediating with mental health more effectively, with a variety of real-life (anonymised) examples, from both the trainer and the delegates.

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Refresh, Recap and Reassure – Best Practice for Mediation

Mediation Best Practice


This workshop is to Recap, Refresh and Reassure the skills of Trained Mediators as recognised by the PMA. This half day session is offered alongside The National Certificate in Workplace Mediation as well as being delivered as a stand alone session.

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Mediating Collective Disputes

Collective Disputes


This half day programme will equip mediators, facilitators, coaches and change agents with the skills and processes that they need in order to resolve team conflicts across a diverse range of industries. The course is delivered by The TCM Group’s highly experienced mediators who draw upon their vast depths of knowledge and experience to ensure that delegates become industry standard team mediators.

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Working with Prejudice, Power Imbalance and Discrimination


This one day programme will equip mediators, facilitators, coaches and change agents with the skills and processes that they need in order to resolve work with the Working with prejudice, power imbalance and discrimination  across a diverse range of industries.

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Reframing – Intermediate to Advance Skills for Mediators



This is advanced workshop to explore the issues and practice reframing. Reframing is a corner stone skill as a mediator and like all skills it needs practice. This day gives delegates space and time to practice and enhance this skill. Delegates will be given advice and support based best practice drawn from TCM 16 of experience.

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Creating A Mediation Friendly Culture

Creatingamediationfriendlyculture CPDEvent


This workshop tackles how to create and nurture a mediation-friendly culture within our organisations. Delegates will benefit from The TCM Group’s 16 years of experience and expertise embedding effective mediation schemes across a variety of sectors, as well as supporting our clients to build strong foundations for their long-term success.

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