Your toolkit for sustainable cultural change

Learn how to:

  • Ensure that dialogue has primacy
  • Evolve HR to an independent People & Culture function
  • Build a cross-functional Transformational Culture Hub
  • Develop a clearly defined values and behaviours framework
  • Integrate a Resolution Framework, which refines traditional HR policies and procedures
  • Shift Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion into a single combined strategic focus
  • Embed sustainability and social justice into organisational strategy

Your people are your most important asset...

David Liddle, the author of Transformational Culture, established The TCM Group – Putting People First™ in 2001.

His vision for TCM was, and still is, to help organisations to develop purpose driven, values based and person centred cultures. For the past two decades, David has been at the forefront of conflict management, human resources, employee relations and leadership best practice.

In 2021, David was recognised as one of the global top 20 HR most influential thinkers and in 2022, he was invited to join the prestigious Thinkers50 Radar.

Listen: Getting culture right for the decade ahead

Resolving issues has simplified from a month-long process, typically involving up to six people, to a half an hour phone call. The resolution framework allows people to discuss the issue, focus on the essential elements of the disagreement and find a quick and workable outcome. It’s just good business sense.

Anthony Fitzpatrick – Head of Colleague Experience and Employment Policy at Aviva

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Build a 'great' workplace culture

Power, profit and process are no longer symbols of a successful organisation. Research has shown that ‘empowered’ employees are 67% more likely to put in extra effort in their job roles. They are also likely think and act more innovatively, take creative risks and ultimately be better at driving business growth and revenue.

In the battle to attract and retain top talent, company culture is frequently mentioned as a significant factor affecting employee loyalty. 7/10 company culture survey respondents felt that their company culture could be improved.

Those who invest in building a better culture will be rewarded. with competitive advantage, attracting investment, enhanced brand values and the ability to attract and retain top talent.

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