English-Chinese relations have been building since initial contact in the nineteenth century. There was high demand for Chinese tea, silk, and porcelain in the British market, which was exchanged for a sizeable chunk of the Empire’s supply of Indian opium. Since then, a cross-cultural bridge has been forged to continue this economic relationship, delicately balanced by trades and barters. Ilan David Bass acts as a microcosm of this bridge, using his resolution skills, fluency, and expertise on East Asian culture to work closely with organisations in both London and China. Listening, understanding and communication are the pillars of Ilan’s resolution approach to, in his own small way, bring ever closer the UK and Asia as global superpowers.

Originally from London, Ilan has worked with a wide range of organisations in the UK, USA, the Middle East and Asia. He enjoys working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and focuses on understanding his clients’ perspectives and needs before establishing an open and welcoming environment in which they are able to communicate effectively and transform their relationships for the better. As well as working as an independent mediator, Ilan is an accomplished and engaging conflict resolution skills trainer and coach.

Ilan is driven by his mission to employ the fundamental principles of conflict resolution–deep listening, mutual understanding and effective communication–to help people collaboratively develop solutions to their problems, with the broader aim of fostering more productive professional relationships, organisations and communities at large.

Prior to starting his career as a conflict resolution practitioner, Ilan worked in financial services in London and later for several high-profile international organisations in China. Ilan brings over a decade of diverse international experience, a rich knowledge of Middle Eastern and East Asian culture, and an advanced proficiency in Mandarin to his work as a Resolution Consultant at the TCM Group.

In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, running, cycling, and both listening and dancing to an eclectic mix of musical genres.

“Not only is Ilan reliable and conscientious, but he is also an effective and collaborative mediator who delivers results.”

Mediation client, Anon.

“Ilan and I have worked together as mediation trainers for several years. Ilan is professional in his approach to work, passionate about conflict resolution and also a pleasure to work with. He is an asset for any organisation that is trying to build bridges or resolve problems between different groups of people.”

Mediation client, Anon.

At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM




Ilan specialises in:

Community mediation

Mediation training workshops

Leadership and management skills

Chinese culture and Mandarin language

Cross-cultural communication

Qualifications and Awards

Diploma (with Distinction) in International Mediation, Tel Aviv University

MA Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Tel Aviv University

BA (Hons) East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield