J.D.’s first management position with a public relations firm included responsibility for special client relations, those key clients vital to the lifeblood of the agency. From that time, and throughout decades of experience as a consultant, mentor, partner and proprietor she has had an excellent understanding of the importance of developing and nurturing relationships both within an organisation and the essential entities that support its existence.


The thread weaving through the broad range of clients, circumstances and experiences in J.D.’s background is optimisation. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’, the ability to perceive opportunities for improvement and the drive to achieve the same has been a constant in both her professional and private lives. Envisioning the larger picture whilst managing the details is a singular strength in her successful delivery of outcomes.


The best results are often achieved when varied perspectives and backgrounds are brought into the fold. Creating this dynamic requires the ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities for improved understanding and rapport. Having worked in multiple countries on three continents, J.D. possesses a genuine desire to assimilate all relevant positions, and the wherewithal to do so in a sensitive manner, thereby providing her with a particularly comprehensive insight.

What people say:

J.D. Moore’s ability to quickly and correctly get to the heart of the matter is impressive. Our management team thought we had identified an issue with customer retention but needed help with the solution. We brought J.D. in to review our CRM, however early in the audit she switched her focus to employee relations. Within a short period of time we had the solution to the issue we’d identified via a solution to one we hadn’t realised existed. Better yet everything was handled discreetly.

S. Reeves, BY&W Centre

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM





J.D. specialises in:

Sensitive, high level soft/neutral investigations and audits

The ability to effectively communicate in a reassuring manner across the breadth of stakeholders with discretion

Strategic assessments and realistic program designs

Swift sifting of processes, creative reimagining of available resources, and streamlining operations

Audience identification and communication

Establishing which communities need to hear your message, crafting the ideal mechanism for the same, and facilitating the emerging conversation

Qualifications and Awards