Leaders 20:20 Programme

Leaders 20:20

Leaders 20:20 has been created as a visionary development programme to bring leadership and management skills into the 21st Century. Many leaders and managers are promoted based on their technical skills rather than their ability to handle people management challenges. As a result, valuable time and money is wasted, all of which could be spent growing your business.


Communication and dialogue are at the heart of effective management and leadership. It’s about listening, negotiating, challenging, questioning, summarising, reframing and engaging. And that’s what Leaders 20:20 delivers.

We work with key partners including The Institute of Leadership and Management, Lumina Learning and eGenius to ensure that each module in the programme delivers a real and lasting impact. We are proud to be able to offer Levels 3, 5 and 7 ILM Awards in Leadership and Management. Leaders 20:20™ aligns all skills training to the core values, HR policies and management competencies of your organisation.


We apply the Kirkpatrick model (reaction, learning, behaviour and results) as part of our review process and we draw on theories and practices.

Leaders 20:20™ enables your organisation to pick and choose the most appropriate modules for your specific needs and circumstances. Each module consists of the equivalent of one-day training plus opportunities for on-the-job learning and practice.

1. Effective Management & Leadership
2. Managing Stress and Conflict in the Organisation
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Managing Performance
5. Managing Whistle Blowing, Misconduct, Discipline and Absence
6. Confident Conversations
7. Managing Change
8. Negotiation and Facilitation Skills
9. Employee Engagement
10. Putting the Customer First
11. Developing a High Performing Team
12. Core Coaching Skills
13. Managing a Diverse Workforce
14. Managing a Crisis
15. Core Mediation Skills
16. Sales Skills for Non-Sales Professionals
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We offer a comprehensive package of support before we begin to deliver Leaders 20:20™. Our aim is to understand the specific needs, culture, vision, values and context of your business. This can be a tough conversation as we need to ask challenging questions to get to the root of your leadership challenges. But it’s worth it. Our customers tell us that that our courses are designed and delivered with an attention to detail that many other leadership programmes lack.