3D Review

3D Review

TCM have spent years perfecting a recipe for success. Our 3D review consists of discovering areas for improvement and getting to know an organisation inside and out, so that we can work alongside your values in order to design development plans to improve, manage and maintain processes and culture. Every plan and process that TCM implement will be followed up with a full report, describing changes and improvements.

The 3D review focuses on all parts of the business from Leadership support, Process planning, HR support, Performance support and much more. We have the experience and know-how to support you in getting the most from your employees. With our flexible approach, nothing is too big or too small.

TCM can work with you either on site or remotely to help you discover resolutions for potential issues and embedded problems, design a solution through training and consultancy and describe the outcome over years to come.

We manage and deal with any issues that need resolving, maximising your resource whilst protecting your business. We work with organisations across all sectors, and our skilled team have a wide variety of experience that enables us to quickly and professionally handle any challenge.

We get to know your values so we can understand the culture you want to develop in your organisation. We’ll examine your current processes, documents and policies and provide assessments and recommendations for best practice.

TCM provide the highest quality of accredited training and offer wrap-around support, guidance and consultancy. We also have numerous case studies which demonstrate the support that we can offer.

<span>Head of HR at Octavia Housing</span>

TCM were informative and an exciting game-changer that will help your organisation to resolve people issues. It was a great opportunity and very enjoyable to work as a team. I really enjoyed the consultants inspirational and illustrative style. Overall TCM was excellent!

Wendy Honeyghan Head of HR at Octavia Housing

Why choose TCM?

  • Our team have a friendly and helpful approach.
  • TCM have years of experience working with all size businesses.
  • We have fantastic feedback, see here.
<span>Team Leader, Historic Royal Palaces</span>

…Went over and above to tailor the service to our needs as a group, including an extra session on communicative states: adults, child and parent. It was a very organic course…Great course content…All relevant and will aid my role as a team leader.

Frances Sampayo Team Leader, Historic Royal Palaces

A 3D Review is available as part of TCM+


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