360° Degree

360° Degree Review

TCM provide 360° Degree Reviews for organisations looking to improve any part of the organisation. Our approach will focus on improving and managing a more person-centered style of development. TCM will facilitate feedback anonymously from key sources and analyse and recommend improvements.

We have the experience and know-how to support you and deliver a this review to help you get the most from your employees. We cover performance management, managing disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancy, re-organisation, and day to day HR matters as well as many other things. With our flexible approach, nothing is too big or too small.

TCM can work with you either on site or remotely to help you manage and deal with any issues that need resolving, maximising your human resource whilst protecting your business. We work with organisations across all sectors, and our skilled team have a wide variety of experience that enables us to quickly and professionally handle any challenge. We provide businesses with access to unlimited HR advice and guidance.

We get to know your values so we can understand the culture you want to develop in your organisation. We’ll examine your current processes, documents and policies and provide assessments and recommendations for best practice.

TCM provide the highest quality of accredited training and offer wrap-around support, guidance and consultancy. We also have numerous case studies which demonstrate the support that we can offer.

<span>Triage Officer at Enfield Children & Care</span>

TCM were fantastic. Challenging and thought provoking. I enjoyed the types of questions. I was expecting to get quality and see improvements and this was achieved. Overall, TCM was excellent and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone.

Shilpa Ayer Triage Officer at Enfield Children & Care

Why choose TCM?

  • Our team have a friendly and helpful approach.
  • TCM have years of experience working with all size businesses.
  • We have fantastic feedback, see here.
<span>People Policy Specialist at Marks & Spencer</span>

TCM were engaging, motivating and highly informative. Going through the whole process really showed the little sticking points and difficult aspects and how to tackle them.

Rebecca Medcalf People Policy Specialist at Marks & Spencer

360 degree reviews are available as part of TCM+


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