BS 11000 Collaboration Standard

BS 11000 Collaborative Standard

BS 11000 Collaboration Standard shows you how to eliminate the known pitfalls of poor communication. It also defines roles and responsibilities and supports collaborative decision-making. 

We have the right resources, training and services to suite your organisation, whether you’re new to BS 11000 or want to take your expertise further. We offer packages that can be customised to your business.

What are the benefits of BS 11000?

  • Collaborate successfully with your chosen partners
  • Create a neutral platform for mutual benefit with business partners
  • Define roles and responsibilities to improve decision making processes
  • Share cost, risks, resources and responsibilities
  • Provide staff with wider training opportunities  
  • Build better relationships that lead to improved results 

TCM provide the highest quality of accredited training and offer wrap-around support, guidance and consultancy. We also have numerous case studies which demonstrate the support that we can offer.

<span>Triage Officer at Enfield Children & Care</span>

TCM were fantastic. Challenging and thought provoking. I enjoyed the types of questions. I was expecting to get quality and see improvements and this was achieved. Overall, TCM was excellent and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone.

Shilpa Ayer Triage Officer at Enfield Children & Care

Why choose TCM?

  • Our team have a friendly and helpful approach.
  • TCM have years of experience working with all size businesses.
  • We have fantastic feedback, see here.
<span>People Policy Specialist at Marks & Spencer</span>

TCM were engaging, motivating and highly informative. Going through the whole process really showed the little sticking points and difficult aspects and how to tackle them.

Rebecca Medcalf People Policy Specialist at Marks & Spencer

BS 11000 is available as part of TCM+


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