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Conflict in the workplace is a perennial problem for organizations. Whether it’s a disagreement between colleagues, a dispute with management or large-scale industrial action, conflict negatively affects both people and profits as employee morale and productivity fall. Managing Conflict is an essential guide for HR professionals needing to tackle these problems by not only resolving current issues but also preventing future instances of conflict. Going beyond interpersonal conflict, the book also looks at resolving board room disputes, disputes with shareholders, in the supply chain, commercial disputes and customer complaints.

The first part of Managing Conflict covers the causes and costs of conflict, the impact of the psychological contract and the legal framework for managing workplace disputes both in the UK and internationally. The second part of the book provides a blueprint for redefining resolution and building a culture of constructive conflict management, from designing a conflict management strategy and developing a formal resolution process to embedding mediation, engaging stakeholders and training managers in resolution skills. It also includes conflict resolution toolkits for managers, HR teams, employees and unions to help tackle conflict and bullying at work. Packed with best practice case studies from major UK and global organizations, this is an indispensable guide for all HR professionals looking to resolve conflict in the workplace.

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“This is an incredibly useful guide on understanding and dealing with conflict. The author helpfully combines the theory and psychology behind conflict with hands on, practical tips to managing conflict, in addition to bringing this to life by sharing case studies. This guide is accessible to all. It’s certainly a book I will be recommending to my team, managers, employees – in fact, anyone, involved in managing conflict!”

(Kirsty Devine, Head of US HR & Global Projects, Financial Times)

“Conflict is inevitable – indeed a healthy level of conflict enables organisations to grow. It’s when that conflict becomes unhealthy that it stifles the organisation and the employees within it. David Liddle’s book is a practical, pragmatic and essential guide to understanding and managing what is often regarded as a taboo subject […] Managing Conflict is required reading”

(Martin Blackburn, UK People Director, KPMG)

“This book has highlighted some innovative and highly effective approaches and he has gathered first hand evidence about the powerful and lasting impact of ADR. However, David has also set out some very significant challenges (and some pragmatic solutions) that should be addressed by HR, unions, business leaders and policy makers if we are going to see a real shift in culture and policy regarding the management of conflict at work.”

(Michael Gibbons CBE, Independent Reviewer of DRR for Secretary of State, DTI, 2007)

“This book draws on extensive research to deliver a comprehensive and accessible framework for managing the broad spectrum of conflict situations facing organisations today. A highly recommended read.”

(Rachael Tyler, Development Director, Heathcare People Managers Association (HPMA), London Academy)

“If there is one book you must read in the next year or ten it is David Liddle’s Managing Conflict. David has been at the forefront of dispute resolution for years and his first book does what it says on the cover. As ever, David brings a practical, no nonsense, empathetic approach to his subject. One to trust, dip into at any time and return to, again and again.”

(Andi Hargreaves, Head People Policy and ER, Department for International Trade)

“This book offers a welcome relief from traditional approaches for managing conflict. The arguments for shifting to a more integrated, person centred and values based approach are set out simply and plainly. The models and toolkits that David has created are easily applied and will be of benefit to all organisations”

(Andy Keeling, Chief Operating Officer, Leicester City Council)

Managing Conflict is a well-structured and hugely practical insight into understanding, preventing and resolving workplace issues. From understanding mediation to positive psychology, David covers relevant topics in a thorough and accessible style, completing the book with an invaluable resource section.”

(David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and London for CIPD, Experienced HR/OD/Change leader)

Author: David Liddle

David Liddle

David Liddle has extensive experience of mediation and dispute resolution within a wider variety of contexts. In 2001, David established Total Conflict Management Ltd. (The TCM Group). For the past 16 years, TCM has been at the forefront of mediation and conflict management best practice.

David specialises in the areas of business, workplace and consumer mediation along with civil and restorative justice. David and his team have established numerous in-house mediation schemes, successfully mediated in hundreds of workplace conflicts and have undertaken extensive research into the role and benefits of mediation. Some of his recent clients have included BT, Lloyds Bank, HMRC, DWP, Network Rail, HSBC, The UN and Topshop/Topman amongst many others.

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