Marie Coombes worked for Royal Mail for 17 years, specialising in change management, employee engagement and conflict resolution. During her 5 years as full-time in-house workplace mediator, she completed over 100 cases with a success rate of 95% in a complex and often volatile industrial relations environment. Her strong relationships with union officials and management at all levels smoothed the way to a successful outcome in many instances. As well as mediations, Marie developed and delivered bespoke group mediations, team facilitations and wider ranging engagement activity to help understand the root cause of issues in a particular business unit.

She has a particular interest in mental health and the impact conflict has on employee wellbeing. Prior to leaving Royal Mail she was the team mentor for mental health issues in mediations; designing and delivering a half day training course on Mediation and Mental Health, as well as being a business-wide mental health ambassador. She is also currently a Time to Change Champion and a Mental Health First Aider. In 2016 she was awarded Highly Commended for her article “Mediation & Mental Health” at that year’s National Mediation awards and was on the judging panel for the 2018 Awards.

Marie also holds an MBA. She is a Member of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

What people say:

“I have worked with Marie over a number of years and as a mediator she excels. Truly dedicated to making mediation a success, Marie’s results speak for themselves. She also has great knowledge and strength in understanding mental health in the workplace and the link to mediation. Continually looking to develop her knowledge in these areas of managing and resolving conflict, she has in my opinion become a subject matter expert. She is a skilled coach/mentor and this was demonstrated in her last team role, Marie is a true HR professional and I would highly recommend her for any future opportunities in this area.”

Carol Hipkiss Spencer, FCIPD

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM

Workplace Mediation

Training Delivery

Developing sector specific resolution solutions.

Public speaking and presentations

Marie Coombes specialises in:

Accredited Mediation

Core and Practical Mediation Skills

Mental Health in Mediation

Change Management

Employee Engagement



Qualifications and Awards

Cmgr FCMI – CMI Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Direction & Leadership

MBA (Huddersfield University 2013)

Mental Health First Aid

President’s Award 2014 & 2015 – PMAs (In-House Team Award)

Team of the Year 2016 - PMAs (In-House Team Award)

Innovation Award 2016 - PMAs (In-House Team Award)

Article of the Year 2016 (Highly Commended) – PMAs (Solo Award)

Judging Panel 2018 – CMC Mediation Awards