Mediation Schemes


Mediation is ideal for addressing a range of issues including relationship breakdown, personality clashes, communication problems, bullying, discrimination or harassment.

It might be a single employee with a grievance, a disagreement between an employee and a manager, or an issue between two co-workers.

An internal mediation scheme resolves these complex and challenging disputes – swiftly and effectively.

An internal mediation scheme (IMS) means that an organisation has a team of fully trained and accredited workplace mediators; the mediators understand the unique nature of their organisation, its values, culture and structures. 

Mediation is an integral component of employee engagement, employee well-being, change management and customer relations; mediation embodies the open and honest communication and collaboration that is key to these processes.

mediation schemes

“Mediation has worked so effectively in BT… 391 issues went to mediation, of those 389 were resolved successfully and did not go to grievance – you know, this works!”

– BT, multinational telecommunications services
Caroline Waters, Director of People and Policy
Internal mediation scheme

An internal mediation scheme is a team of accredited internal mediators who can provide support and assistance when managers or HR are unable to handle the situation. They help when the parties require a mediator who is independent and completely impartial.

Accredited internal mediators who can provide support and assistance  

TCM has established integrated mediation schemes in hundreds of organisations across the UK including local authorities, NHS trusts, Government departments, blue-chip companies as well as numerous universities and charities. We work in partnership with our clients at every stage to create a sustainable and highly effective integrated mediation scheme.

Outsourced workplace mediation scheme

The TCM outsourced mediation scheme gives you the confidence of having access to highly trained, fully independent mediators when you need them.

Access to highly trained, fully independent mediators  

The outsourced mediation scheme is designed for trade associations, small businesses, charities and NGOs, government agencies and smaller government departments. It is also useful for organisations who are unable to afford the cost of establishing an internal mediation scheme.

Recent clients include major government departments, banks, newspaper groups, airlines, telecoms companies and many others.

For more information on IMS’ or outsourced mediation schemes, speak to the team on – 0800 294 97 87