Remote Investigation Interview Course

This online course is designed to provide investigators with the skills to confidently plan and conduct investigation interviews remotely, using virtual platforms.  It will cover aspects such as choosing the right platform, the challenges and benefits of remote interviews and how to adapt existing interview skills effectively.

Designed for experienced investigators, managers and workplace representatives from HR, ER and other investigative and regulatory backgrounds.

  • Duration: 12:30 – 13:30 (including interactive Q&A sessions)
  • Method: Online via Zoom
  • Suitable for: Experienced investigators
  • Delivery: This workshop is delivered by Gary Rogers, Head of Investigation and Audit Services of The TCM Group.
  • Cost: £54.99 + VAT  £32.99 + VAT

Delegates will learn the basic foundations of organising and conducting remote interviews and be confident and competent to run them effectively. You will learn how to organise your virtual meeting, the pros and cons of remote interviewing, how to adapt your interview technique and how to share evidential documents.

  1. Introduction
  2. Group poll
  3. Conventional interviews
  4. Challenges & benefits of remote interviews
  5. Planning the interview
  6. Recording remote interviews
  7. Remote interview style
  8. The differences
  9. Q&A
  1. Tuesday 1st September 2020

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