A high-speed car chase ensues across the plains of South Africa, screeching tyres leaving a storm of dust in their wake. Shawn Mitchley detects the movement, and swiftly closes in on the target. Soon enough, the car is recovered, and the day is saved once again. This image brings to life the nature of Shawn’s role as Senior Investigator at Avis Southern Africa, gathering intelligence and working with informants to shut down criminal theft of company property. He may be behind a desk, rather than involved in a literal car chase, but the heroism remains the same. Cue Shawn, on set of the latest action movie, walking in slow motion away from a flaming car…

Shawn is an accomplished and dedicated results-driven investigator with more than 30 years of experience, of which 21 years was gained in the corporate industry.  He conducted high-profile complex investigations involving fraud detection, theft of company assets and investigations pertaining to criminal and unethical activity in the company. Shawn established his foundations in the investigative field and gained the knowledge and understanding of the investigative process as a Detective Sergeant serving in several Specialised Units: Serious and Violent Crimes Unit, and Murder and Robbery Unit.

During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, cycling, running, and hiking.

What people say:

“Shawn is a dedicated investigator. His considerable experience and knowledge are clearly evident in the quality of work that he produces. His input is a true value-added service.”

Onrei Pilkington

“Shawn has an exemplary work ethic. Evidently, he has a thorough knowledge of his field and puts his employer first. Shawn is/ will be an asset to any employer.”

Eugene Van Tonder

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At a glance

Responsibilities at TCM


Coaching and mentoring

Shawn specialises in:

Investigation methods

Risk management

Fraud detection

Performance management

Interview techniques

Intelligence gathering

Forensic data analysis

Strategic planning

Statistical reporting

Process improvements

Effective issue resolution

Research methods

Surveillance and counter surveillance

Qualifications and Awards

Service & Excellence Awards: Supervisor 1&2 and Manager 1&2 Awards, Excellence Manager Award, Department of the Year Award, Long Service Awards: 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. Special Investigations Department. Avis Budget Rent a Car.

Certificate of Commendation by the National Commissioner. Police, Specialised Unit.

The Unit received 23 commendations, which included a presidential Commendation. Police, Specialised Unit.

Professional Mediators Association Accreditation