Workplace Investigation Case Study - Race Discrimination

Workplace Investigation into Grievance of Racial Discrimination and Harassment

The TCM Group were requested to conduct a complex grievance investigation from an Employee related to allegations of racial discrimination and harassment.

The Investigation Terms of Reference were agreed between The TCM Group and the HR Director and an Investigator assigned.  The Employee had identified 15 potential witnesses, who had witnessed or had information pertinent to, the allegations.

The Investigator interviewed all 15 witnesses, detailing their testimony and taking notes that accurately reflected their discussions. Notes were reviewed, amendments made, and agreed and signed between both interviewer and interviewee.

The Investigator reference company Policies and Procedures, Contract of Employment, Working Time Regulations, ACAS Code of Practice for Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures, Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Employment, and Definition of Harassment.

This was summarised into a report, whereby each allegation was documented, evidence referred to, evidence provided and reference, and investigation findings presented.

Due to the complexity of this investigation, the investigator identified eleven allegations, each one separately detailed within their findings.

In addition, the investigator identified six recommendations that identified that there were opportunities for earlier intervention to avoid the allegations made.

A total of 43 Appendices of witness notes, evidence, policies and procedures were referenced and attached to the final report.

Due to the professionalism, methodical investigative process followed, and the client engagement by The TCM Group and our Investigator, client gave the following testimony:

“TCM provided an excellent and highly professional external investigation service for us. The team was always available when we needed anything, and the investigator was incredibly efficient, thorough and personable. All in all – it was perfect!” HR Director – Aitch Group

It is important to reference that The TCM Group monitor and track all investigations, to agreed timescales, using a bespoke Case Management System.

The TCM Group prides itself on its professionalism, and client engagement is our key priority, to which regular performance meetings with clients are encouraged, to ensure updates on progress are discussed, and issues raised, to ensure client satisfaction.

How to find out more

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