Introduction to Investigations (1 Hour)


An introduction to investigations: getting them right, first time!

LOCATION:Online, or Classroom-Taught
"I attended the free investigation session in London. A really good insight into investigations from a professional external investigator. Extremely useful."
Ilona Lewicka, University of Sunderland in London


How often have you been involved with an investigation that has failed the scrutiny of a hearing panel, an appeal or an Employment Tribunal, or because it was not deemed subjective, or because it was not thorough enough or through a failure of following your own internal policies and procedures?

This introductory session will provide everything that you need to avoid the common pitfalls to ensure that you get workplace investigations right the first time!

You are invited to join TCM’s Head of Investigation & Audit Services, in an exclusive session, either online or at our headquarters in London.

Based on our 20+ years experience as a global leader in workplace investigations, the session explores selected topics and detailed case studies on workplace investigations.


During the session, an industry-leading expert will share best practices in getting your workplace investigation right, first time. You will hear first-hand experiences of what makes a good investigation and how to avoid a bad experience. Topics covered include:

  • The importance of questioning techniques and active listening
  • The importance of the balance of probabilities within workplace investigations, in easy to understand terms
  • How to compile a high-quality investigation report, aligned to clear terms of reference
  • Shared experiences of managing several successful investigations and references to industry case studies

We will also provide the opportunity to participate in an interactive question and answer session, providing expert confidential advice on your own workplace investigations.

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