Nicki Eyre

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“I am not stating this too strongly but there is no way we would have done this work, or even realistically started it if it had not been for Conduct Change. We are much more together as a leadership team, everyone wants, and has bought into it. I think that what we have learned so far and how we are interacting has been so advantageous. We have the tools to be able to change our own behaviour which is where we need to start, and most of us didn’t think we needed to.”
​Nik Peasgood, CEO at LWA
“A really great day, lots of thought provoking content. Would highly recommend all businesses who care about their people attend this course! All my team had a super day.”
Training client
“Nicki’s training brings together an authentic voice around an emotive topic and also creates the time and space to explore responsibilities to ourselves, others and to our society and to make a personal commitment to change. Thank you Nicki for sharing your truth- with courage, humility and compassion.”
Training client
“The best way to prevent bullying is to talk openly about it : how it affects us, how it affects others, how to raise it when it starts showing in a team, how to apologise, receive apologies and most important, how to move on. But it is not easy. That is exactly what Nicki does, which such grace and open heart, she makes it easy to talk about “hard things”. I strongly recommend her and her team to any company that wants to deal with bullying seriously or prevent it!”
Training client

About Nicki Eyre

Nicki Eyre, Founder and Managing Director of Conduct Change, has experienced both opportunity and adversity during her career, including her own experience of feeling bullied at work.  She recognises the scale of the problem at both an organisational and individual level and is able to bring her wealth of experience to her role as a consultant, coach, speaker and trainer.

She founded Conduct Change as a result of her passion for working with individuals and businesses to prevent and resolve workplace bullying, with a mission to end workplace bullying through the development of meaningful prevention activities for organisations to ensure that everyone feels heard, valued and respected in the workplace.

She also leads the work of the Conduct Change Foundation as they research and campaign for the implementation of effective routes to redress for individuals, both in terms of approach and legislation, as well as supporting individuals to move on when they are struggling emotionally.

She has spoken at events both in the UK and nationally through a range of media from events to podcasts to radio interviews, from keynote speaker to a panel member.

Nicki is a Member of the International Association on Workplace Bullying & Harassment, and was recently invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of her work in this area.

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