Stephen Adams

Transformation Consultant

What people say

Stephen has and does work with our company. He is the best and most effective coach I have ever come across in my career. In addition, his emotional intelligence is at a level I have never encountered. He brings out the best in people when they are not expecting it – truly unique. I have the most respect for Stephen, as a trainer, coach and human being. I hope our working relationship is a long and mutually happy one.
Sonia Jenkins, Head of HR UK & EU at Tillomed Laboratories
I worked really closely with Stephen to launch Nationwide’s Resolution framework into the Society. There are many great things about Stephen but the one I would pull out is his ability to listen and I mean really listen to what you need and never once was he on a ‘hard sell’ to buy services we didn’t really need. He also provided me with sound counsel and advice throughout our journey too. In summary, if you have Stephen supporting you then you are firmly in the road to success! He is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Kirsty Knight, Senior HR Business Partner at Nationwide Building Society
Thank you so much for the course. It exceeded my expectations by far – I think you are a fantastic trainer and I really feel like I learnt a lot from you. You have given me the confidence to take my learning forward especially after my confidence dipped part way through the course when realisation hit in! It is was the best course I have been on for a very long time. Thank you so much!
Hannah, delegate.
I felt the investigation was conducted fairly, professionally and thoroughly throughout. Communication was excellent, you kept me up to date from start to finish with regular calls and emails requesting information. I feel the conclusion was the correct outcome. There are some opportunities for development in your recommendations, which I personally know has been well received, it’s important that we all develop in our roles and areas where there may-be a need for improvement isn’t a negative, but more importantly an opportunity to grow and learn. Also, to add the length of time the entire investigation took which was extremely timely
Cygnet Healthcare, Investigation client.

About Stephen Adams

Meeting Stephen Adams is like discovering an unexpected glimpse of gold inside a treasure chest. If you jump on a 30-minute call with him, you’d expect to be talking facts, figures and future projects. Whilst that will certainly be the agenda, with an agreed action plan at the end, you’ll also leave the meeting feeling strangely rejuvenated, uplifted and appreciated. Steve has a way of turning any interaction into a positive one, possessing the unusual ability to weave golden thread through a typically sour scenario. It’s that innate human power to transform those around him to be better by injecting charisma, curiosity and charm into everything he says and does.

This didn’t happen by accident. Behind the magic lies a decided dedication to inner growth. In 2019, Steve had worked at his corporate job for more than 26 years. Whilst extremely successful in that environment, Steve realised that there was a lot more to learn about life itself. After leaving his role, Steve undertook a journey to transforming his values and behaviours to be more aware of inclusion, respect and community. This was a truly formative year for Steve.

“I truly believe we are going to make mistakes as humans. The success to be a better human is what you learn from the experience and how you improve your values and behaviours.”

So that’s how Steve turns mistakes into miracles.

As one of our Transformation Consultant, Steve’s role spans our culture change, resolution and leadership development offerings. He yields his magic to transform any and all destructive situations into constructive solutions. Working with clients from the NHS, local government, and financial and academic institutions, Steve has a real passion for helping others through self-development, cultural change and betterment. Steve’s project leadership skills are second to none. He works in partnership with our clients and delivers on our TCM promises. He has the ability to manage small projects to large-scale complex cultural programmes.

Prior to working with TCM, Steve spent 26 very good years with Lloyd’s Banking Group, in various director and executive role. As an accredited mediator, investigator and executive coach, he brings an extensive knowledge of all forms of conflict resolution, putting him in the very best possible position to support our clients. He has a thorough knowledge of all forms of HR policy, providing an understanding of the challenges that present when making a transformation as complex as the implementation of a Resolution Framework™.

The roles that have been undertaken have needed Stephen to be vigilant, professional and balanced. Having him part of our Executive Coaching, Mediation, Training and Investigator Teams plays to his strengths, especially around client liaison, detail and integrity.

The hobbies he enjoys are golf, skiing, yoga and walking with his wife and their dog Bella.

At a Glance

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  • Workplace Investigations
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