Brexit Webinar Recording: The Definitive Checklist for Employers

Brexit Webinar Recording: The Definitive Checklist for Employers

Following the explosive Brexit vote on 23 June, disharmony and division was brought into sharp relief. The lead up to Brexit has landed at a time where the UK is already lagging behind many other major economies in terms of employee engagement and productivity. The cost of conflict to the UK economy, which the CBI estimates to be in the region of £33 billion per year, and it is no surprise that many business leaders and HR professionals are feeling the pressure.

HR and business leaders are being encouraged to put processes and plans in place to minimise any negative impacts on UK business. This is more than just sending a calming email to employees.

Forward planning, when implemented effectively by employers, will encourage engagement in professional networks and ultimately, save money. It is essential for employers to put measures in place to ensure that Brexit can be brilliant.

This webinar will provide you with the following:

  • An overview of the impact of Brexit on your business
  • Skills to take the grief out of grievances and restore harmony at work
  • Tips on driving engagement and productivity for your HR department
  • Ideas for engaging leaders and managers in having tough conversations about Brexit
  • An overview of TCM‘s offering and how we can assist you to effectively manage Brexit

If you have responsibilities in HR, engagement, ER or management at your organisation, this webinar is a must view to learn what other leading organisations are already achieving.

Unfortunately this webinar has already taken place but so you don’t miss out completely, we have put a link to the recording below.

Watch here
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