Are you Ready for Resolution?

Conflict Management

Are you Ready for Resolution?

Throughout the last 16 years, we have been at the forefront of conflict resolution. Here’s what we learned about HR professionals.

As an HR professional, you will know the key strengths you need to succeed in the profession. You’re an advisor, not an enforcer, and that means that the delivery of any conversation must be right, but a lot of the time, people won’t take your advice, delivered perfectly or not. It’s worth a try, though.

Successful HR leaders display a range of characteristics that enable them to take their place at the right-hand side of the CEO. They are strategic in outlook as well as self-assured and assertive. HR professionals usually have great leadership characteristics and are optimistic, with a confident expectation of resolving situations.

Today, HR professionals must assimilate a new level of financial fluency to ensure that the massive contributions they will be required to make to their organisations over the next few years are presented to the board in a language they understand.

Over 50,000 HR Professionals have worked with TCM to improve employee engagement, productivity levels and manage conflict in the workplace.


What motivates you?

  1. HR professionals are motivated by the need to help people rather than by financial performance.
  2. In seeking to help people, you are most motivated by an environment in which you can exercise your creativity in coming up with new ways of serving both your employees and your organisation.
  3. You are suited to fast-moving, information-rich environments where you must analyse fast-changing environments and make strategic decisions for your organisation.

Are you ready for resolution?

Whether you have two employees, who are fighting for the desk nearest the window, or the daily air conditioning battle with an office half full of employees dressed in coats and the other half with their sleeves rolled up, your immediate reaction to conflict is essential. 

Free Webinar – Setting up a Successful Mediation Scheme

9th February 2017, 12:30 – 13:30

We are hosting an insightful webinar intended for HR professionals who are considering introducing a mediation into their organisation.

Why set up a Mediation Scheme?

  • It’s a cost and time effective way of informally managing conflicts.
  • It resolves conflicts at an early stage ensuring employee relationships are protected.
  • Managing conflict efficiently and effectively can improve employee engagement, productivity, conflict resolution, collaborative working and much more…
  • It creates an organisational culture of conflict management.
  • It develops employee skills in conflict management.

It will cover what you need to think through before setting up a successful mediation service that works effectively in your organisation. The size, structure, goals and nature of your business will ultimately determine the design of your mediation service.

If you are a strategic level HR professional, this webinar is a must view. The webinar is free of charge and attendee numbers are limited so please register ASAP here for this insightful event.

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