Kev Hall

Transformation Consultant

What people say

Kev had worked very hard to follow appropriate avenues of investigation and to take detailed witness statements to cover all aspects of the case. I was impressed by the intelligent and objective way in which he conducted the investigation.
Investigation client, Anon.

About Kev Hall

Neutrality, negotiation and navigation: three words to describe Kev Hall. With ties to investigations in both the UK and Afghanistan, Kev brings values of cooperation and cross-cultural communication to his craft. In the 7 hours and 24 minutes that it takes to fly from London to Afghanistan, you can bet that Kev would’ve solved countless complex problems with his sharp, strategic thinking.

Kev has over 25 years’ investigative experience in two UK police forces. As a nationally accredited senior detective, he accrued extensive knowledge of specialist police areas, including counter terrorism, professional standards, economic crime, safeguarding and frontline policing.

In the field of professional standards, he was selected to conduct a number of sensitive investigations mitigating reputational and organisational risks. Kev deployed to Afghanistan on two occasions as a senior serving police officer in the role of Senior Investigating Officer supporting HM Government policy and as senior policing advisor in a multinational team supporting the Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs.

A collaborative, intuitive and plausible relationship builder, Kev excels at joint working: he negotiates effectively, understands the perspective of others, and easily finds points of engagement.

In his spare time, Kev plays seven-a-side football and is a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer.

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