Mashhuda Kazi

Transformation Consultant

What people say

Mashhuda Kazi, as a member of the Leaders Council, uses her passion to drive positive change when it comes to equality, diversity and fairness, regularly contributing to policy discussions, penning thought leadership articles and providing expert knowledge to business leaders. Mashhuda strongly believes in civil rights and ethics and leverages her extensive experiences at senior level, in the NHS, to be an example to others when it comes to striving for an equal platform. Mashhuda has ambitious plans to continue to change the culture of the NHS when it comes to leadership and corporate governance. Showing an aptitude for leadership, Mashhuda has been appointed as a chair of a charity to aid with their policies supporting legal compliance. Mashhuda has great understanding of the issues surrounding organisational culture, biases within the workplace, investigations and mediations.
Leader's Council
"My feedback for Mashhuda would be all positive, from how she engaged with both employees, clearly explaining the process and delivering a thorough and timely investigation. An excellent service, professional and still personable."

About Mashhuda Kazi

Mashhuda brings forth extensive 10+ years of experiences across NHS health economy including commissioning, voluntary, mental health, and acute health sectors.

Although Mashhuda specialises in operational and performance aspects within her senior roles, she always put people first, at the centre of everything that she does.

Heavily impacted from the prejudices and discrimination in her own experiences and seeing first hand of unfair bias towards a much wider workforce instilled a keen interest in the HR and people management.

Mashhuda advocates and is passionate about fair and human approaches to her investigation and mediation delivery. Her ways of conducting investigations gives recommendations aligned with CQC, values and behavioural framework as well as best practice.

She has delivered complex grievance, disciplinary and performance investigations as well as chairing hearing. She believes that her personal values particularly of integrity, self-awareness and understanding and respecting other values and viewpoints are central to my successful people investigations and improvement programmes. She is passionate about use of behavioural psychology and corporate social responsibilities, which is reflected in her core senior management appointments within public and voluntary sectors.

She has co-developed number of complex projects ranging from delivering and developing diagnostics and cultural audits informing of transformational projects, stakeholder engagement, strategy at the C-suite board level and delivering complex change programmes including workforce restructuring.

Through her healthcare career and other curricular activities including Trustee and CEO within the voluntary sector, she has developed and re-designed HR processes and policies, led staff consultation and talent development with authorship of executive reports, employee experience, EDI and WEI and people and culture strategies.

Mashhuda has completed Practical Investigations and National Certificate in Workplace Mediation in 2021 at The TCM Group.

Mashhuda is passionate about exploring the way the leadership plays critical role in the organisational culture, decision making at the C-suite level to wider workforce and evaluating current workforce models, which she hopes to continue to her upcoming PhD.

Mashhuda is also a member of the Leader’s Council and a member of local government. She writes at least one article per month, mostly based around OD, leadership, and general themes within NHS. She enjoys writing and contribute to much wider social interactions aligned with her passion.

She also has extensive policy writing across NHS organisations and Voluntary sectors incorporating all system partners including Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), LA and relevant agencies. Mashhuda held trustee position for two years at the long-Covid charity and currently holding a co-chair position at the Learning Disability charity. She also have extensive experiences writing policies for the complex services within NHS trusts including developing policy mandate, setting objectives, to influencing buy-in from the executive leadership.

Mashhuda works actively with system partners including Local Authority, CCG and wider systems partners as well as commercial companies. She has drafted complex policies ranging from organisational to operational to finance in addition to governance models aligning with vision and missions from the embryonic stage to charity registrations. She ensures that policies are compliant with the charity legal laws and Nolan principles of Life.

Mashhuda highly experienced in drafting, reviewing and revision of policies (high level detail) and procedure (how policies are carried out) and relevant associated documents. She has amassed technical writing, financial systems and documentation processes with the ability to simplify and summarise complex information accurately.

She is currently reading Executive MBA and working towards her Fellow CIPD.

Mashhuda enjoys spending time with her family, in her own comfort zone (at home, always), occasionally visiting local farms, and cooking something new (honestly speaking, I can’t cook but I try). As much as Mashhuda enjoys busy urban life for her career and education opportunities, she enjoys being in quiet places.

At a Glance

  • Investigations includes grievance, disciplinary, performance
  • Charing hearing and appeal
  • Mediation and facilitation
  • HR systems and management processes/policy reviews
  • Leadership and management research
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Challenging conversations
  • Trend analysis
  • Change management
  • Designing and scoping
  • Report writing