Workplace Mediation

The solution to almost every single complaint, quarrel, disagreement and feud.

Every dispute that you could imagine, and even those that you couldn’t, are suitable for workplace mediation. Since 2001, we’ve been successfully resolving workplace conflicts with a success rate of over 93%. That’s a lot of happy, healthy and harmonious bonds restored.

The process works for a range of disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Conflicts and disagreements between employees and within teams.
  • Conflicts between managers and employees or between senior managers.
  • Allegations of bullying, harassment or discrimination.
  • Boardroom and executive level disputes.
  • Disputes between business partners.
  • Disputes with customers or along the supply chain.
  • Issues arising from mergers and acquisitions.
Janine Hodge Janine Hodge, Employee Experience ER Specialist Partner at The Met Office

“TCM’s mediation approach worked best for us because the service offers both a quick turnaround for cases and extensive aftercare. Early intervention was needed to nip conflict in the bud.”

Hannah Brown Human Resources Direct Entry Graduate at NATS

“We have always found TCM to be an excellent service provider of quality courses, tailored for our needs. It has been amazing to receive such a detailed, bespoke training course which successfully delivered on the brief provided.”

Theodore Awani People Services Specialist at Macmillan Cancer Support

“I was extremely impressed by the service received by TCM, the process, structure and timelines provided clearly both to me and the candidates.”

Nike Ajibowo Head of Employment Relations and Inclusion at Plan International

“TCM’s cross-cultural and inclusive approach in the delivery of the course was a major factor in the successful roll-out of the course. As a result of partnering with TCM, we have been able to deliver the course to staff whose first language or national language is either French or English. This has been invaluable to us as a global organisation operating in 60+ countries.”

Rachel Speake HR Coordinator at Cambridge Design Partnership

‘A very insightful, thought provoking course with excellent trainers and delegates alike. Would recommend to anyone within a People management role.’

Jacqueline Reid HR Manager at The Robertson Trust

‘TCM are an inspiring organisation whom you can learn a lot from. Great customer service from start to finish. I will certainly use their services again.’

Darren Lawton-Edge Named professional safeguarding adults at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

‘The mediation training is a professional and well run course, which will give you the skill needed to be a good mediator. The course is
well structured and the role play helps your learning and understanding of how mediation works. I would defiantly recommend’

Nicola Snowden HR Advisor at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

Insightful course that gave useful tools and strategies to handling difficult conversations

Michael Kavanagh HR Employee Relations, Culture and Change at HM Land Registry

TCM provide a deep dive into mediation skills and the opportunity to practise with a range of complex and challenging scenarios. A great learning experience. I felt properly supported by TCM tutor and my co learners and am now confident and keen to put my new skills into practise.

Joanne Shaw Joanne Shaw, HRBP at Studio

“Excellent starter mediation course, would highly recommend”

Aurea Jones Director of People Strategy at Barts Health NHS Trust

“The TCM National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course provided a thorough introduction to mediation and the skills practice to become a a novice mediator. The ongoing learning and support will help me to continue my journey to becoming a competent well practiced mediator. Thank you Andi, Cameron and TCM!”

Claire Pickering Senior HR Officer at Next PLC

“Fantastic course content and knowledgeable trainer that brought experiences to life. Got a lot out of the training and really appreciated it. I feel much better prepared & confident to deal with mediation going forward following the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course.”

Helen Sumner HR Business Partner at Tokio Marine Kiln

“Practical Mediation Skills is an excellent course facilitated by a highly experienced mediation practitioner, would thoroughly recommend.”

Kotryna Surkeviciute Customer Success Team Lead at UNiDAYS

“The Practical Mediation Skills course was so full of new and really useful information for me; this has given me a lot of confidence in how to approach conflict, especially highlighting phrases to use and to avoid to ensure my own languages can support and diffuse the situation. I enjoyed the open discussions most because it was really interesting to hear different scenarios and examples, and how they relate to my own. Overall, the course was very interactive which is my preferred way of learning.”

Juliette Staunton Senior HR Consultant at Clarke Willmott LLP

“The HR as Coach and Mediator course was a 2-day programme supported by useful resources and insightful information from the trainer. Group sessions allowed for open discussion and debate about the topics covered.”

Jenny Jones Wellbeing Support Caseworker at Hampshire Constabulary

“Essentials of Mediation is a great course delivered in a different way that keeps you engaged and involved at all times.”

Olivia Gillbanks HR Advisor at South East Coast Ambulance Service

“The accredited mediation course was very informative and engaging. I have learnt so much over the course of the six days and it was well worth the effort!”

Sarah Anne Critchlow Fleet Risk Reduction & Driving Standards Manager at South East Coast Ambulance Service

“These skills are definitely life skills which I will be able to apply when speaking to employees regarding driving issues. The skills, strategies and course literature will all provide me with the necessary prompts to become a successful mediator.”

Debbie Arter Resourcing Team Leader at South East Coast Ambulance Service

“Although there was a lot of information given, the timing, days and pace of the National Certificate in Workplace Mediation course was just right. It must be the first course I’ve done where everybody felt positive and proud about what we had achieved individually and as a group. I can’t wait to get started.”

Helen Williams Leadership Development Consultant at Nottingham Trent University

“For me, the mediation workshop provided a round peg to the round hole I had!”

Lucy Finnie HR Officer at Trust Links

“The Practical Mediation Skills course was packed full of information, useful tips and guidance on how to start mediation sessions in the workplace. Fantastic training and support. Well worth it.”

Jodie Cox Policy & Contract Specialist at easyJet

“I undertook the TCM training for both Routes to Resolution and Mediation. I have found the course to be very informative, the trainer delivered the content in a good pace, and allowed just the right amount of time for breaks. The breakout sessions were useful and fun exercises to really get everyone thinking. I’ve certainly learned lots of new things which I’ll take away with me and put into practice as an HR professional.”

Fay Field ER & Change Specialist at easyJet

“The formulas and models were very helpful, and will support our people to make sure we truly understand what our needs are and how to overcome challenges in a practical and sustainable way. Personally, I’ll utilise my learnings to be able to flex my approach to best suit the situation and parties involved. The training was really practical, which will be a real value add in working life.”

Jackie Newman Head of HR at P. D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd

“You will not be disappointed if you book with TCM.”

Steven Shaw HR Business Partner at Royal College of General Practitioners

“TCM are excellent and specialise in mediation services. They really are the experts in this field. I have used TCM several times and always get good results from them. David and his team always go that extra mile for you. If you do a cost-benefit analysis, TCM are able to save organisations considerable amounts of money. It is also highly rewarding to see staff working together again in a really positive way (in the majority of cases). TCM have a 92% success rate and I would not go anywhere else.”

London borough of Hillingdon
London Borough of Hillingdon. Gillian McClean

“We have been working with TCM, in order to set up an In-house Mediation Service.  TCM trainers have a passion for resolving conflict & their enthusiasm both engages, inspires and energises others.”

Julie Plant Head of Learning and Development at Brandon Trust

“Our managers say they can’t believe how far two people can come in just one day when things have been so bad between them for so long”.

Carole Russell ER Manager at BT Group

Over the past two years, mediation has made a significant contribution to our business. By working with TCM to train a team of internal mediators, we have already cut the cost of conflict by many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Metropolitan Police
Geri Brownrigg Professional Standards Unit at National Headquarters of Counter Terrorism Policing

“I would wholeheartedly recommend The TCM Group to anyone looking to implement mediation/resolution into their workplace. They are extremely professional, incredibly knowledgeable and very welcoming and relaxed in their approach.”

Jonathan Goodger Senior Employee Relations Manager at TSB

“It’s very rare to come across someone who is quite so passionate about their area of expertise. David (and the whole TCM team) have been extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive and not to mention a little patient as we work to implement our mediation scheme in TSB. But that’s not the half of it. What is really striking is David’s absolute belief and commitment that there is a better, more human, way of resolving conflict that benefits everyone from the impacted people to the wider business – it’s completely inspiring and wherever I go in my career from this point, the resolution of conflict is something I will focus on in a way that I never would have in the past. It’s been a pleasure to work with David and the TCM team and I hope that opportunity will crop up again in the future. His book is an excellent read as well.”

Catherine Anderson Organisational Development Manager at oneSource

“The TCM Group are a great organisation with great people who are passionate about mediation and resolution. We have worked with TCM for over 5 years to deliver a wide range of mediation and conflict management courses and services for the local authorities that we support. We have recommended TCM’s mediation, training and consultancy services to many others and they have always been as impressed as we are.”

Helen Snape Human Resources Manager at Care UK

“Mediation is an excellent and sustainable form of conflict resolution. The course was intense, educational, well-structured and most of all fun. I particularly liked the mixture of different learning styles that was presented by both trainers and I most certainly feel able to start mediating straight away!”

Louise Frayne Head of HR & Organisational Development at Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

“Just a quick line to thank TCM for the recent mediation service provided to RCPCH. A very successful day and working relationships improved enormously. I have always believed in restorative processes and the service offered by TCM really is excellent and evidences that this this really is the right approach to resolving conflict.”

Mediation Participant London Borough of Islington

“A very successful meeting, very constructive and explored all of my concerns. I felt listened to and was able to voice any issues that I had wanted to raise. A very positive outcome was reached.”

Mediation Participant University of London

“I am very satisfied with the outcome. The mediator explained things well and the mediation was very well structured.“

Mediation Participant University of Nottingham

“The mediator was wonderful – I would strongly recommend TCM to anyone who is experiencing workplace conflict. Thanks to HR for funding this process – it was remarkably helpful.”

Val Ward Learning & Development Manager at Historic Royal Palaces

“Managers tell me it’s definitely a worthwhile thing to do. As they trust the process and see what can come out of it, more and more are saying “What about mediation?”

“A lot of the principles of mediation are about common sense and disagreements in the workplace often start out as simple misunderstanding.”

Mediation Participant Interflora

“The mediator listened carefully to my views and acted in a very professional manner. I was very happy with the mediator’s approach and outcome as she helped us to identify and evaluate a variety of constructive options.”

Elizabeth Myers Founder at The RoundTable Group

“The TCM Model for effectively and efficiently managing workplace conflict can apply to almost any conflict or dispute. We know that feelings, needs, voice and choice underlie virtually every conflict or dispute. The TCM Model focuses on these and other elements. Applying this well thought out approach enlightens and empowers participants as they navigate their way forward while learning to avoid the inflaming effects of blame and shame.”

Gemma Bromfield MD HR Consultant at Go Beyond HR Consultancy Ltd

“I have had the best experience with TCM, and I will be recommending TCM to colleagues interested in mediation.”

How the workplace mediation process works

Resolve even the most complex and challenging disputes in just one day.

Step 1
The first meeting
  • Both parties meet with the mediator individually.
  • This meeting provides an opportunity for both parties to identify the root cause of the conflict.
Step 2
The second meeting
  • This meeting is also held individually.
  • Both parties understand and decide how they want to explain their situation within the joint meeting.
Step 3
The joint meeting
  • Both parties are together in a room with the mediator.
  • They both have uninterrupted speaking time and are encouraged to listen and understand each other’s perspectives.
  • This part of the process can completely change the dynamic and is hugely powerful.
  • The exchange takes place, after which mutual agreement is made for resolution.
Step 4
  • Parties are invited to reflect on the process and the outcome.
  • They decide on future action to be taken if a further conflict arises.
  • The mediator remains in contact with the parties involved for a year after mediation.

The FAIR Mediation Model™

A unique route to address the underlying root of an issue.

TCM’s FAIR Mediation Model™ has been designed specifically for use in resolving workplace and employment disputes. It is a highly effective and well-regarded model used by some of the UK’s biggest names including: Royal Mail, HSBC, Aviva, Network Rail, BA, London Ambulance Service, Lloyds Banking Group, The Metropolitan Police, BT, The DWP along with numerous universities, hospitals, councils and police forces.

The FAIR Mediation Model™ is unique because it addresses the underlying root cause of a conflict whilst bringing a pragmatic and highly effective problem-solving approach. It also includes a substantial amount of post-mediation support for the parties for a full year after mediation concludes. Our way works.

The benefits of workplace mediation

Imagine if you could save your business valuable time, money and stress.

Restorative resolution starts from the minute you contact us and continues way beyond the mutual agreement – skills can be learned for life.

  • It places responsibility for the resolution directly with the parties.
  • It creates a safe place for all sides to have their say and be heard, with uninterrupted speaking time.
  • Disputes are halted before they escalate out of control.
  • Mediation reduces the stress and anxiety associated with conflict.
  • It reduces the risk of litigation and costs of conflict.
  • Mediation helps to cultivate a happier, healthier and more harmonious working environment.

Online mediation

Flexible for the virtual world; digital for the modern worker.

We’re living in a modern and changing world, and our workplaces are no different. So why wouldn’t our services reflect this? In the digital age, all our mediation services can be delivered online. It’s a sustainable, cost-effective, time-saving option. We’re flexible to suit your needs.

In an increasingly global business climate, teams are frequently dispersed across continents.  Managers may be leading people they only get to meet once or twice a year – and team members may never have met each other at all.

Virtual project teams, which bring together specialists from around the world to develop new products or services or tackle a business challenge, are also increasingly becoming a feature of working life.  Of course, it may just be that a workplace dispute involves extremely busy people who are finding it difficult to co-ordinate diaries or free themselves up for mediation during normal working hours.

Online mediation can also be helpful in highly charged, emotional situations.  If an allegation of sexual harassment has been made, for example, the victim may feel intimidated by the perpetrator and reluctant to sit in the same room.  The same situation can apply in cases of bullying, particularly if the perpetrator is more senior and there is a power dynamic at play.

Put simply, conflict is complex. We understand that and we’re here to help you resolve it, no matter the situation.


A Practical Guide to Resolution in the Workplace

David Liddle’s first book, Managing Conflict (CIPD/Kogan Page), provides a detailed overview of the mediation process. It includes numerous toolkits and checklists to help you embed mediation into your organisation. It also includes case studies from Tesco, Arcadia Group, The Metropolitan Police, Capgemini and many, many others.

“Managing Conflict is a well-structured and hugely practical insight into understanding, preventing and resolving workplace issues. From understanding mediation to positive psychology, David covers relevant topics in a thorough and accessible style, completing the book with an invaluable resource section.” -David D’Souza, Head of Engagement and London for CIPD & experienced HR/OD/Change Leader

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