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Resolving workplace issues through Neutral Evaluations

13 Oct 2022

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In an increasingly tumultuous world, conflict is unfortunately an ever-present part of our lives. Unsurprisingly, the workplace and other professional settings are no different. Traditional approaches which assign blame, retribution and pit involved parties against each other can often create more damage, as well as unsatisfactory outcomes.

It’s with this context and associated issues in mind that we have developed our Neutral Evaluations process; a unique tool to help organisations resolve internal conflict without the damaging effects that an investigation could sometimes bring.

Less formal than traditional procedures, the Neutral Evaluation is designed to create an open and frank dialogue with our highly trained and experienced investigation evaluators.

Our world-class and unique Neutral Evaluation process allows organisations to truly understand what is at the root of internal conflicts, which can result in numerous complaints and mistrust.

Our Neutral Evaluations process can be used to assess:

  • Workplace grievance patterns/trends
  • Team conflict
  • Poor management or leadership behaviours
  • Anonymous complaints or misconduct across teams/departments
  • Lots more!

Harriette Wolff, TCM’s Director of Investigation & Resolution Services delivered a free webinar providing key insights, strategies and tips for conducting Neutral Evaluations in the workplace. She was also joined by one of TCM’s experienced workplace investigators, Thoralf Kretzschmar, who provided first-hand insights on how to conduct effective, thorough Neutral Evaluations in the workplace.

Catch up on the webinar below to find out more or get in touch with us today to discover how TCM can support your organisation through our Neutral Evaluations service here.

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