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A world-class range of People, Culture, Resolution and Leadership reviews.

When an organization is looking to undertake a transformational program of leadership development, HR process redesign, or culture transformation, our diagnostic and dialogic services are an excellent place to start.

As part of our evidence-based approach, we take the time to understand your current leadership, management, people and cultural challenges. By obtaining and analyzing as much data as possible, we can develop a comprehensive and in-depth plan for change and development.

These services are designed to support leaders, talent management professionals, HR professionals, lawyers and organizational development professionals to prioritize key areas which benefit from investment, time, money and energy. In turn, this allows your organization to track the impact (ROI) of their leadership and management investments and cultural change programs, over a defined period.

How we do it: The 5D Review

The 5D Review offers a unique, data driven analysis to provide your key stakeholders with a clear understanding of current priorities and opportunities for action. Our customers report that the process delivers a wide range of benefits for their organization, including:

  • Allowing for evidence-informed decisions around organizational change
  • Facilitating honest conversations amongst key stakeholders
  • Providing an understanding of the impacts of current policies, processes and staff behaviors
  • Developing a thoughtful, informed plan for next steps
  • Defining the key values and behaviors that can be embedded into your company culture
  • Allowing for a comparison between your current climate and desired future state
  • Building a comprehensive case for change to present to senior leaders

How the 5D Review works

Step 1
  • During the initial stage of the 5D review, we collect data from a variety of sources.
  • A desktop review of existing organizational data will provide an initial insight of the present picture.
  • We also gain the input from key stakeholders through conversations, interviews and focus groups.
Step 2
  • Key performance measures are assessed against the 8 enablers of a Transformational Culture.
  • We use these markers to provide a benchmark on current performance.
  • During the phase, we also assess how ready your organization is to undergo change.
Step 3
  • This stage is all about discovering where your organization really strives to be.
  • We’ll arrange for a series of planning sessions and in-depth discussions with key stakeholders.
  • Through this, we will define key metrics and achievable goals.
Step 4
  • Based on earlier findings, we will build an informed scope and pathway towards change.
  • Strategy is built based on the gap between the current state and desired state.
  • A project timeline is built, focused on building defined capabilities and skills across key staff groups.
Step 5
  • Activities will be deployed, focused on building defined capabilities and skills across key staff groups.
  • All programs will be centered around achieving the ‘7 Cs of Transformation’, which include: Courage, Connection, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Communication, Compassion, and Curiosity.

The final report will also include a suggested one-to-three-year project timeline, to support you on your journey to organizational excellence.

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When an organization is looking to undertake a program of leadership development, HR process redesign and/or cultural transformation, an evidence-based approach delivers a significant improvement in the overall impact and sustainability of the program.

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