Purpose-led. Values-based. Person-centered.

The TCM Group has been at the cutting edge of conflict resolution, culture change and leadership development for over 20 years. We help our customers to put their purpose, their values and their people first.

A transformational culture. Designed and deployed.

A transformational culture is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing. Based on David Liddle's best selling book, The Transformational Culture Model™ offers forward-thinking organizations a powerful whole-system approach to cultural transformation.

Award-winning HR, ER and OD consultancy services.

TCM has received numerous awards and accolades over the past few years including HR Consultancy of the Year 2020 (Personnel Today), Mediation Provider of the Year 2018 (National Mediation Awards), and Best Change Management Initiative 2021 - in partnership with TSB Bank (Personnel Today). Founder and CEO David Liddle is one of the top 20 HR Most Influential Thinkers in 2021 and joined the Thinkers50 Radar in 2022.

A justice model - fit for 21st century organizations.

TCM created the Resolution Framework™ which delivers constructive and robust outcomes to complex workplace issues such as conflict, bullying, harassment, performance management and misconduct. Think of it as transformative justice in action.

A world-class team.

The TCM team comprises some of the most talented culture change, leadership development, HR transformation, mediation, investigation and coaching consultants in the world, supported by our passionate head office teams in London and New York.

Your trusted partner.

TCM is the trusted partner to a growing number of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies along with numerous public bodies and Government departments. A few of our clients include Tesco PLC, Royal Mail, HSBC, Bloomberg, Aviva and the entire UK Civil Service.

Putting People First™

Established over two decades ago by our CEO, David Liddle, TCM has been working with our customers to develop person-centered management practices, empowering HR processes and transformational workplace cultures. Our practices, processes and cultures have been designed to improve productivity, increase engagement, drive collaboration and enhance wellbeing. What sets us apart is our unique insight into people, relationships, workplace cultures, HR systems, leadership practices and management behaviors. We have combined this expertise into a world-leading portfolio of culture change, leadership development and conflict resolution programs and consultancy.

Sarah Buckley ER & Employment Policy Consultant at Aviva

“Couldn’t fault the service provided by David and the team in helping us set up an internal resolution procedure and mediation team. We had fantastic feedback from all our colleagues who attended training with them.”

Ben Williams Senior ER Manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways

“The mediation and resolution training that TCM delivered was first class – engaging, thought provoking and highly professional. David’s collaborative, future focused and solution focused approach to conflict resolution really resonated with me and my team and aligns neatly with our brand values and people strategy.”

Carolyn Hawley HR Director at British Retail Consortium

“TCM worked with us to develop our purpose, values, behaviours and strategy. TCM’s facilitators brought professionalism, knowledge & fun to the assignment. In workshops, they encouraged a relaxed atmosphere where effective learning and contribution was valued.”

Royal Mail
Royal Mail. Jon Millidge MBE. Pension Reform Director

“TCM has supported us to deliver our policy to resolve issues and establish a culture of fairness, trust and mutual respect. It is no surprise that in a business which employs so many people, there will be disagreements from time to time. TCM has helped us to establish a modern system for resolving these disagreements quickly and professionally.”

London borough of Hillingdon
London Borough of Hillingdon. Gillian McClean

“We have been working with TCM, in order to set up an In-house Mediation Service.  TCM trainers have a passion for resolving conflict & their enthusiasm both engages, inspires and energises others.”

Purpose and values. Aligned.

Organizations which fully integrate their purpose and their values will be the successful organizations of the future. Combined, your values and purpose reflect the kind of organization you are – they define your employee experience (EX) and your customer experience (CX). When corporate strategies and management behaviors are aligned to your purpose and values, this becomes the defining feature of your organization.

We help organizations to define and embed their purpose and their values and to align these to their strategy, their behaviors and their leadership and management competencies.

A culture blueprint for the modern organization.

Shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2022, David Liddle’s highly acclaimed second book: Transformational Culture provides a blueprint for a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high-performing organization. With a foreword from Dave Ulrich and expert analysis of the benefits of a people-focused and values-led organization, it provides 8 transformational enablers to deliver individual, team and business success. The book offers practical guidance and a culture change playbook for HR professionals and business leaders who wish to redefine their corporate culture.

Evidence based. Practically delivered.

The use of data and evidence to inform and evaluate organizational change programs is central to their short- and long-term success. We build a business case for cultural transformation using normative, qualitative and quantitative approaches such as existing HR and management data, and the engagement of key stakeholders such as people and culture professionals, leaders, managers, employees and unions.

Putting the human into HR.

The traditional human resources (HR) function is evolving. The emergence of the People and Culture function presents enormous opportunities for HR to deliver fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing systems, processes and cultures. TCM is working with an increasing number of HR teams to help them as they evolve into a people and culture function. From the development of a people and culture strategy to the design and deployment of modern employee handbooks, values and behavioral recruitment processes, and transformational performance management systems. If you want to put the human back into HR, we are here to help.

Tomorrow's leaders. Today.

Your leaders have a significant influence on company culture and your managers should create the climate for success. By equipping your leaders and managers with the skills they need during these volatile uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times, your organization will help your most valuable asset to shine – your people.

Through a range of leadership development, training and consultancy packages, we equip leaders and managers with the confidence, competence, characteristics and capabilities to lead their teams through the good times, and the bad.

The Resolution Framework™. The just and fair HR procedure.

The traditional discipline, grievance, and performance management systems are broken. They are retributive, adversarial and harmful. Increasing evidence from bodies such as Acas, the CIPD and SHRM suggests that these procedures undermine team cohesion and organizational effectiveness. There is a better way.

TCM’s ground breaking Resolution Framework™ delivers a powerful blend of procedural and restorative justice. It replaces your existing discipline, grievance and performance management systems with a single and fully legally compliant process which offers fully tailored solutions for each case. Banks, universities, hospitals, airlines, major retailers and government departments are adopting TCM’s Resolution Framework™. Is it time to reframe resolution in your organization?

A happy, healthy and harmonious workplace.

High performance comes not from rigid KPI’s, baffling targets or outmoded performance management systems. Individual, collective and organizational success comes from engaging with our people in a supportive, compassionate and empathetic way.  To succeed, managers, leaders, HR and others must develop the behaviors, the systems, and the cultures where flow is created and where your people can flourish – where they can be the most brilliant versions of themselves.

Look after your staff, and they will look after your customers. They’ll also perform better, be happier, and be more productive. TCM designs and delivers a wide range of programs which develop best practice in the emerging area of Wellbeing, Engagement and Inclusion (WEI).

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