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09 Jan 2023
Getting culture right for the decade ahead with David Liddle
David’s vision for The TCM Group continues to be focused on helping organisations to develop purpose driven, values based and person centred cultures. Originating from Nottingham in the East Midlands in the U.K., David has extensive experience of cultural transformation, conflict resolution and leadership development. In the early nineties, David established Leicestershire Mediation Service – one of the first community mediation schemes in the UK.
16 Dec 2022
Reflections on 2022 with David Liddle
This podcast looks back at 2022: on the role of trust in the workplace, the impact of shifting employee values across generations at work, the Great Resignation and the employee value proposition, the significant challenges of building skills for the future, and the continuing importance of diversity and inclusion.
07 Jul 2022
Transformational Culture with David Liddle
In this podcast, David and Thiago discuss good company culture, the importance of purpose and how to change formal procedures into something better.
30 Jun 2022
Transforming Culture in a Hybrid Working Environment
David has spent the last 30 years reframing HR systems, management processes, and leadership behaviours and we explore this journey in some detail throughout the episode. His vision for TCM was, and still is, to reduce the negative impact of conflicts and complaints by creating the conditions for employees and managers to have quality conversations.
17 May 2022
Is your HR department outdated? with David Liddle
Current common grievance structures in organisations can lead to animosity on both sides, even when the issue has been resolved – but does that have to be the case?
17 May 2022
Improving and Transforming Organisational Cultures
In this episode, Sheila Lord and Peter Kelly are talking to David Liddle about organisational cultures.
17 May 2022
The Power of Mediation and Communication in Business
In the latest episode of Climb in Consulting, Nick talks to David Liddle – the founder and CEO of The TCM Group.
17 May 2022
Managing Conflict with David Liddle
David joins the TRN Podcast to talk all things conflict resolution.
17 May 2022
Thinkers50 Radar 2022 LinkedIn Live Series
Nominated as one of Thinkers50's Radar List, David joins this Linkedin Live as a transformational culture expert, president of The Institute of Organisational Dynamics, and CEO of The TCM Group.
17 May 2022
The HR Book Club – David Liddle discusses “Transformational Culture”
Leon meets David Liddle to discuss his book, "Transformational Culture: Develop a People-Centred Organization for Improved Performance".