Culture Transformation

Develop a workplace culture that is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high-performing.

Imagine working for an organization with a clearly defined purpose. One where leaders are committed to unlocking our inner brilliance and nurturing our happiness, health, and harmony. One where mistakes are opportunities for growth, and profit and integrity go hand in hand. This isn’t a childhood fantasy or dream. You needn’t change jobs. This is a transformational culture.

For over 20 years here at The TCM Group, we have been supporting a full variety of organizations to build better workplace cultures, centered around the improved resolution of complaints, concerns and conflicts. Now a fully fledged cultural change provider, we offer a unique, evidence-backed approach, centered around our Transformational Culture Model™.

At a time when organizations are putting every effort into building back better after some of the most turbulent times in the past 20 years, it really isn’t possible to emerge with old cultural paradigms still in play. Power, profit and process are no longer symbols of a successful organization. Those who invest in building a better culture will be rewarded with competitive advantage, attracting investment, enhanced brand values and the ability to attract and retain top talent.

“Transformational Culture is the tangible model to translate the things we say as an organization into people’s lived realities on the ground. Through this program, we won’t just speak of but rather live and breathe the culture that we value.”

Margaret Ayers, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development at Canterbury Christ Church University

How to transform your company culture

We apply our unique Transformational Culture Model™ across the various areas of your organization to achieve widespread cultural change. We will first support you in identifying and training a Transformational Culture Hub™, as a cross-functional team that will work with us to integrate and sustain your desired cultural change.

The outputs of our cultural change programs are focused on developing and sustaining the 7 Cs of Transformation: Courage, Connection, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Communication, Compassion, and Curiosity.

Together we will develop and build a unique cultural change program, based on our 8 enablers of a Transformational Culture:

  • Values First
  • Evidence-Based
  • The People and Culture Function
  • Leadership and Management
  • Resolution Framework
  • Wellbeing, Engagement and Inclusion
  • Sustainability and Social Justice
  • Brand, Reputation and Risk

Transformational Culture: The Book

Written in the midst of the global pandemic in 2021, Transformational Culture provides a blueprint for any HR professional, People & Culture specialist, manager, CEO, and many others. It offers a reform to the prevailing cultural norms of power, control, paternalism, blame and retribution.

The book recommends the following roadmap towards sustainable cultural change:

  • Ensuring that dialog has primacy
  • Evolving HR to an independent People & Culture function
  • Building a cross-functional Transformational Culture Hub
  • Developing a clearly defined values and behaviors framework
  • Integrating a Resolution Framework, which refines traditional HR policies and procedures
  • Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion becoming a single combined strategic focus
  • Sustainability and social justice being embedded into organizational strategy

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To assist an organization to succeed, a transformational culture embraces diversity, promotes learning, encourages accountability and drives engagement.

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