Transformational Culture™

Imagine working in an organization with a clearly defined purpose and a set of core values that connect us with our organization, with one another, and with our customers. Where our leaders are committed to unlocking our inner brilliance and engaging with each of us as human beings – during the good times and the bad. Where each voice is heard, each contribution is valued, and our differences are a source of celebration.

This is not a childhood fantasy. This is a transformational culture.

Transformational Culture: develop a person centered organization for improved performance was written by David Liddle and published by Kogan Page in 2021. It has received numerous accolades and was shortlisted as business book of the year 2022.

“Transformational Culture is a blueprint for leaders and organizations to journey towards something better. Liddle expertly outlines a different, more balanced way of working and offers a pragmatic and well thought-through framework for making progress. An essential read for anyone who believes workplaces can build performance whilst nurturing enhanced fairness, justice and learning.” ― David D’Souza, Membership Director at CIPD

The Transformational Culture Model

TCM’s cultural transformation consultancy centers around the Transformational Culture Model™. This is a proven culture change model which comprises 3 distinct elements:

  1. The Transformational Culture Hub is a cross-functional team who work together to define the character of the culture. They develop the systems and the processes to integrate and sustain a transformational culture. The Transformational Culture Hub comprises executives, HR, unions, leaders, managers, employee groups etc.
  2. The 8 Enablers of a transformational culture are the vehicle by which the Transformational Culture is delivered. Each of the 8 enablers delivers a core strategic function. When combined, the 8 enablers work as a whole system delivering powerful organizational change and enhanced performance.
  3. The 7Cs are the dimensions of a transformational culture. They present the outputs from the Transformational Culture, which in turn drive the system and create a sustainable and self-perpetuating feedback process. This is cultural flow.