Videos, webinars and conference recordings

Here at The TCM Group, we love to get in front of an audience. We run regular online events, webinar sessions and conferences, spanning our full suite of products and services. Some of our events are sector-specific, and we’ve also been delighted to welcome guest speakers from industry experts and, of course, our wonderful customers.

Redefining Resolution

Since our formation in 2001, The TCM Group have focused on transforming the way that workplace complaints, concerns, conflicts and conduct issues are handled. Central to this has been the integration of early resolution techniques such as mediation and of course our ground-breaking Resolution Framework™. The following recordings showcase our most recent sessions in relation to this product area. Further recordings can be found on our Vimeo channel.


The Resolution Triage: Case Management in Action

During this online webinar, Stephen Adams, Head of Resolution & Leadership Programs at The TCM Group explored how a variety of workplace complaints, concerns, conflicts and conduct issues would be handed under the Resolution Framework: a person-centered, values-based alternative to traditional HR policies and procedures.

Mediation Eye-Opener

This one-hour mediation workshop presented participants with the information that they need to understand the role and impact of mediation in the workplace. This particular session was delivered by mediation experts: David Liddle & Stephen Adams, who skilfully presented the principles, philosophy and practical applications of mediation.

Managing Conflict & Culture: For Police & Justice Organizations

For over twenty years, here at The TCM Group, we have been supporting police and justice organizations (including the Metropolitan Police) to develop better workplace cultures with a focus on the resolution of complaints, concerns and conflicts. Recognizing an urgent need for our support, our CEO and Founder David Liddle hosted this exclusive webinar session.

Mock Mediation Session

Workplace mediation is the restorative solution to resolving complaints, quarrels, disagreements and feuds. Just this year, we successfully mediated 93% of cases using our highly effective and unique FAIR Mediation Model™. Interested in witnessing the process in action? During this session, three of our world-class mediators joined forces to provide a unique insight into how the mediation process works!

Investigation Services

While it’s our philosophy that the majority of workplace disputes are best diverted away from formal investigative processes, there do of course remain situations where an investigation is an essential response. When this happens, it is of paramount importance that the process is conducted by a well trained and experienced investigator. Browse our recent event recordings, during which we share best practice guidance and top tips for getting your investigations right the first time.


The Investigation Company Launch Webinar

Led by our Head of Investigation and Audit Services, Harriette Wolff, this introductory webinar served to launch The TCM Group’s newly developed brand for Investigation Services: The Investigation Company.

A Bad Investigation Interview Video

Two of TCM’s highly experienced investigators, Josh and Dominic created this video to highlight some of the common flaws and pitfalls that can be made within a typical investigative interview. (For clarity, this is not how we conduct our investigations!) How many of the mistakes can you spot?

Introduction to Investigations Webinar

How often have you been involved with an investigation that has failed the scrutiny of a hearing panel, an appeal or an Employment Tribunal, or because it was not deemed subjective? This introductory session provided everything that you need to avoid the common pitfalls to ensure that you get workplace investigations right the first time!

Investigation & Audit Services Conference

On Wednesday 30th June 2021, The TCM Group hosted its first-ever annual investigation and audit services conference. Hosted by Gary Rogers, our Head of Investigations at the time, we were very lucky to be joined by 4 guest speakers, each sharing their unique insights and experiences relevant to the field.

Culture Change

Since our formation, we have been quietly transforming organizational cultures across the UK and beyond, with a focus on the improved resolution of complaints, concerns and conduct issues. Now a fully-fledged culture change consultancy; the below videos showcase recent webinars and recorded sessions where we have provided a unique insight into our Transformational Culture Model™, a blueprint for a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high-performing organization.


Transformational Trailblazers | The Webinar

A Transformational Culture is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high-performing. It offers a new cultural paradigm and a practical framework for organizations that are committed to putting their purpose, their people and their values first. In this webinar, TCM’s CEO and Founder, David Liddle explained how organizations can get involved with our cultural transformation program.

Meet the Author: In Conversation with David Liddle

During this online session, David Liddle, CEO of The TCM Group, and author of the book: Transformational Culture provided his expert insight into workplace culture change, taking his audience through key concepts of his latest book. He also spent some time answering questions presented by our Senior Communications Executive, Robyn Marsh.

Integrating a Transformational Culture Within Health & Social Care

As we prepared to embark on a research project in partnership with the HPMA, this online conference sought to provide an introduction to our proposed evaluation of the need for, and impact of a transformational culture within health and social care organizations. TCM’s CEO David Liddle and HPMA’s Executive Director, Nicky Ingham together spoke around the pressing need for proactive culture change across the sector.

Integrating a Transformational Culture | A TCM Webinar

To coincide with the launch of his latest book, Transformational Culture, David Liddle hosted an exclusive online webinar, in support of organizations interested in embarking on a journey towards culture change. At a time where our workplaces are attempting to do all that they can to build back better following some of the most turbulent times in the past 20 years, we simply cannot emerge in a strong position with the old cultural paradigms still in play.

Leadership & Management Development

While we started as simply a mediation company, we quickly realized how relevant the skills of the mediation process are as leadership capabilities. To share best practice in the leadership and management space, we host regular events and conferences, hosted by our in-house leadership experts and accompanied by a variety of relevant guest speakers from the field. Below you’ll find the recordings from our most recent sessions.


Culture Clinic: Episode #1 - Leadership for Workplace Wellbeing

In this webinar session, one of our wonderful consultants and workplace wellbeing expert; Marie Coombes shared her expertise and best practice principles around wellbeing-enhancing leadership practices.

Engage Leadership | An Animated Explainer Video

Engage Leadership delivers a portfolio of highly sought-after management development programs, to enhance individual and organizational capability through world-class training, leadership coaching, consultancy and diagnostics. This animated explainer video has been created to outline what we offer under this standalone brand.

Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion | An Engage Leadership webinar

During our first ever Wellbeing, Engagement & Inclusion webinar, we focused on the core points for cultural change, that every leader can address proactively, at a systemic level or within their own individual teams.

Engage Leadership | Our 2021 Annual Conference

On Wednesday 17th March, in partnership with an exciting and diverse array of guest speakers, The TCM Group hosted an exclusive online event for anyone interested in developing their approach to leadership effectiveness. Our mission was to create a space where leaders and leadership specialists can connect, share ideas and hear insights from experts in the leadership space.

You can catch up on the recordings of all of our webinars, online events and conferences via our Vimeo channel.