5D Review™

5-dimensional reviews to inform development programs into people, culture, resolution and leadership.

When it comes to any form of transformational change, an evidence- backed approach is very often the best approach needed in order to deliver significant improvement. We developed the 5D review, to support organizations, through a unique 5-phase methodology.

Providing an accurate and comprehensive set of recommendations aligned with your purpose, vision, values and corporate strategy.

About the Review

Here at The TCM Group, we are experts in analyzing organizations, based on data and human factors such as behavior and perspectives. Discovering trends, identifying patterns and diagnosing root causes is an important aspect of how we create a holistic picture to inform leadership and culture development.

During the review, we’ll take the time to understand your current leadership, management and people and cultural challenges. This allows us to provide a well-informed plan for change and engagement. In doing so, we support leaders, talent management professionals, HR professionals, leaders and organizational development professionals to prioritize the key areas which will benefit most from investment and energy.

The 5D review is an in-depth analysis which can span:

Team climate
Organizational culture
HR policies
Working relationships

The Key Stages of the 5D Review

Stage 1
Discover/ Diagnose

During this stage of the 5D review, we collect data from a variety of sources. A desktop review of existing organizational data will provide an initial insight of the present picture. We will also gain input from key stakeholders through conversations, interviews and focus groups.

Stage 2

This phase is all about discovering where your organization really strives to be. Is the current state helping you to achieve your strategic objectives? Is it helping to care for your employees?

Stage 3
Design/ Deploy

Using data gathered from the initial phases, we’ll build an informed scope and pathway towards achieving the desired change. A comparison between the current state and desired outcomes will allow for a clear strategy for deployment to be built.

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The first step towards building an evidence-mapped journey for change.