The Resolution Framework™

Our 20 years’ experience in responding to workplace complaints, concerns, conflicts and conduct issues has taught us many things. Perhaps nothing more so than the devastating impact that traditional HR policies and management systems are having upon our organizations and employees. These policies and processes are no longer fit for purpose in a modern, complex and diverse workforce. They are proven to be retributive, adversarial and harmful. Thankfully more and more organizations are recognizing the need to put people before process.

in 2013, recognizing the need for change,  our CEO and Founder, David Liddle developed and launched The Resolution Framework™. This ground breaking framework offers a human and humane approach for resolving issues at work. It diverts the majority of issues away from traditional responses, and towards just and restorative methods such as mediation, coaching and facilitation. The The Resolution Framework™ is delivering tangible savings to countless organizations which are now benefitting from a more values-based, person-centered workplace culture. These include Next PLC, Virgin Airlines, NATS, TSB Bank, Aviva, NHS Blood and Transplant, HSBC, Hampshire Police,  and numerous hospitals, universities, police forces and local authorities.

A fully integrated and legally compliant alternative to traditional workplace discipline, performance and grievance policies and procedures.

A new and innovative approach; enabling for reduced time, money and stress for all those involved.

Our customers report many benefits, after making a move away from their traditional HR policies and procedures. Issues can be resolved sooner and closer to source; whilst ensuring that workplace relationships are protected, contributing to increased performance, reputation and competitive advantage.

Your organization may have already begun to utilize some of the Resolution Framework’s core elements, such as mediation. For others, a radical and complex change is required. We are here to support you on this journey with a unique range of support, training and consultancy packages.

“The introduction of TCM’s Resolution Framework changed the whole concept and dynamic of managing conflicts and complaints within the workplace. Culturally, the change in language and emphasis have been so important. We aren’t focusing on being aggrieved, we are focusing on resolution and that is a fundamental difference. We have seen that the vast majority of cases are settled either at triage or through a facilitated conversation. This allows everyone to focus on their job and increases morale and motivation which is good for personal wellbeing; it’s good for the business and it’s good for the customer too.”

Anthony Fitzpatrick, Head of Colleague Experience & Employment Policy at Aviva