Charlotte May

Transformation Consultant

What people say

"It gave us the ability to listen to each other, have a conversation and move forward. The process has restored my confidence in how I manage a team."
Party feedback
"Charlotte did a brilliant job and move the conversation from what had happened to how we both felt individually and allowed time to consider each other’s feelings. My manager and I have continued to reshape our relationship for the good of the service we support."
Party feedback
"The experience of the resolution process has changed my view of conflict and given me confidence."
Party feedback
"The staff relationship was very strained after an incident and they were unable to work together in a way that was conducive to a happy environment for staff and customers… The Resolution service has been the perfect remedy to the fractured relationship. I would recommend this service to all managers as I am confident that this resolution format has a positive and lasting effect."
Referrer feedback
"From the perspective of the referrer, this was a very valuable intervention. With only a few sessions the staff involved were able to find their own resolution and move forward. There has been no repeat of the issues."
Referrer feedback
"I used the resolution process to support a situation that involved a relationship breakdown between a manager and a member of staff following a grievance process. It was difficult to see how the two members of staff could recover an effective working relationship given the contact of the grievance process and the feeling that trust had been lost. The resolution process helped the two staff members communicate effectively and openly and focus together on a positive outcome."
Referrer feedback

About Charlotte May

Charlotte is an accredited Civil, Commercial and Workplace mediator with over 10 years’ experience. She is a skilful, insightful and creative mediator specialising in interpersonal and workplace conflict and adult social care disputes.  She has commitment to finding positive solutions. Charlotte acts as a mediator and provides conflict resolution skills training within the UK. She has good legal acumen gained from being a solicitor, team leader and manager with over 30 years’ experience in both the private and local authority sectors.

Charlotte puts the wellbeing of individuals and teams at the heart of her approach, providing support and tools during preparatory and resolution meetings to help overcome anxiety and stress arising from conflict.

Her coaching style broadens perspectives about conflict, provides a foundation to focusing forward, reach pragmatic agreements, rebuild trust, working relationships and restore well-being.

Charlotte an instigator for change. In 2015 her research findings on Court of Protection mediation have helped to shape the proposals for an independently evaluated Court of Protection mediation scheme being supported the judiciary. In 2019 she developed an early resolution process pilot for a large local authority and successfully facilitated the resolution of a number of staff disputes in the workplace, with excellent ongoing outcomes.  The success of the pilot acted as a springboard for cultural change and her methodology now underpins the organisation’s inhouse mediated resolution process.

Charlotte has successfully mediated cases involving a wide range of seemingly unresolvable workplace issues including serious breakdown of communication, unfair treatment, bullying, victimisation, long term sickness absence, improving work performance, whistleblowing, and re-organisational issues.

Charlotte is a member of the Civil Mediation Council, a volunteer community mediator for Resolve West in Bristol and the Vice Chair for the Association of South West Mediators.

Charlotte is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and a qualified yoga teacher. In her spare time she enjoys walking, paddle boarding, wild swimming, poetry, art and spending time with her grandson, family and friends.

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