David Smart

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“David is a highly able, professional and supportive colleague, he is a good communicator with a friendly and collaborative style” “David demonstrates a genuine desire to see effective relationships built into the community.” “David is a caring, supportive and very able leader.”
Initiatives of Change Switzerland.
“My line manager suggested this initially after I had submitted a complaint concerning a colleague. I was happy to engage with what seemed an impartial meeting with an external person with experience in mediation. On reflection, this was a far better approach than meeting with my line manager and the individual concerned. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning of the day, but the mediation process exceeded my expectations.”
“I am very pleased that I was offered this mediation opportunity as it has meant that I could talk through the issues faced, face to face, in a safe environment with someone neutral and suitably qualified. It was very good to be able to both talk to each other and listen to the other parties’ point of view. David was very good, approachable and put me at ease.”
“My mediator, David Smart, was really experienced, really professional with a personal touch.”

About David Smart

“Truth is about humanising, building relationships and promoting interactions to dispel myths about each other.”
David Smart – he’s smart, right?

David’s personal ethos in relation to workplace mediation, grievance and disciplinary investigations is ‘resolution over blame and learning over fault’ reflecting his proven experience that organisations, big or small, can only deliver their vision and maximise productivity in an environment where staff wellbeing is valued and internal conflict is recognised and addressed.

David is a highly experienced, former senior police officer with proven results in the operational and strategic delivery of local and national policing across a wide range of specialisms. His depth of experience enables him to exercise leadership with authenticity, wisdom, and discernment. He has a thoughtful, empathetic, and inclusive delivery style that helps individuals to develop and feel valued combined with an instinct to create harmony within teams and organisations. He is energised by making connections between communities, organisations, faith groups and the statutory sector to help them achieve more than they can alone. He has regularly worked in partnership with businesses, charities, diverse communities, and faith groups in the UK and abroad and with this background David offers clients the experience, trust, and confidence they deserve.

David was awarded a Master’s Degree in Public Administration for which his dissertation examined the contemporary use of workplace chaplains following his observation that the role was widely misunderstood to the detriment of staff wellbeing, inclusivity, and diversity. Following his service as a foster carer for a local authority he continues to advise a leading fostering charity and is a trustee of a national community engagement charity reflecting his drive to see diverse communities engaging better with each other and with public services.

David has a European Mentoring and Coaching Council qualification and enjoys working with clients to help them achieve their full personal and leadership potential.

At a Glance

  • Workplace Mediation
  • Training Delivery
  • Developing sector specific resolution solutions.
  • Workplace Investigations