Julie Hutchison

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“I would like to thank you for enabling us to provide Mediation Training to our staff in Powys Teaching Health Board. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. Personally I found it very educational and enjoyable, partly due to the way the day was structured and partly due to the fact our trainer was a warm and lovely person. I appreciate the trainer was flexible as we work in a busy environment and often have to adjust our day depending on the unexpected priorities. I appreciate we had an opportunity to do some practical exercises – this is exactly what I have expected from the training. I believe the staff who attended the training will utilise learnt skills in their day to day jobs and management of their teams. You have done a wonderful job. I would be happy to recommend you to my NHS colleagues.”
Karolina Kobylnik, Workforce Strategy, Policy and Performance Manager at Powys Teaching Health Board

About Julie Hutchison

It seems that mentoring and coaching found Julie Hutchison. Starting as a Constable for the Hertfordshire Police Force in 1997, Julie soon progressed to Detective, Sergeant, and Inspector roles. Although clearly talented in her work, this wasn’t where Julie ended up – she became a specialist in coaching, respected by her peers within her police force, providing training and development for her colleagues, managers and their teams. From this chance flirtation with leadership development, let’s fast-forward to the present day… Julie now dedicates her life and work to direct a leadership coaching company whilst working extensively with TCM as a much-valued Resolution Consultant.

Julie is a skilled coach, trainer and mediator who is able to utilise the experience she has gained from 16 years in the police service along with an early career in manufacturing and commercial environments with Black & Decker and British Bakeries.

She has an unusual blend of personal skills, coupled with down to earth, proactive results driven focus. She has a keen sense of creating simple, practical solutions and approaches to problems!
Her mediation journey began whilst serving as Inspector in Hertfordshire Police, working with teams and individuals to improve their outcomes through developing communication and better working environments.
She has a knack of getting to the crux of a situation and helping others to feel comfortable with being vulnerable yet confident to have those difficult but necessary conversations.

At a Glance

  • Workplace Mediation
  • Training Delivery
  • Developing sector specific resolution solutions.
  • Public speaking and presentations