Julie Lindo

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“Julie’s communication with the senior management was professional and the mediation strategy was clear. Staff engaged with the mediation process and were empowered to move forward.”
Greg Ashby, Director at Money A&E

About Julie Lindo

Julie is a highly effective HR practitioner who specialises in Workforce Planning/ Organisation Development and Employee Relations. She is a qualified mentor and member of the CIPD and holds Masters degrees in Employment Law (LLM) & Communications Management.

Julie has a wide range of experience in the areas of analysis, forecasting, and workforce planning. She is particularly skilled at assessing organisation gaps and determining the appropriate management intervention to ensure that the organisation has the right people, with the right skills, to fulfil its vision. Julie uses a planned and systemic approach to enabling sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people through targeted training.

She has successfully undertaken several HR-related roles within the NHS, British Red Cross, and East of England Ambulance Service. She has also worked for several charities, FE Colleges and Universities providing consultation on disciplinary, harassment, performance, and grievance issues often whilst coaching managers as an integral part of the process.

Julie is a successful Mediator and HR Investigator with many years of judicial, mediation and arbitration experience. She served as a Justice of the Peace with the East London Magistrate Courts for over fifteen years with five of those years served as a Chair Magistrate.

At a Glance

  • Investigations
  • Workplace mediation