Marianne Schoenig


What people say

Marianne is very calm and structured, clear with her directions and an attentive listener. She is very capable of dealing with uncomfortable and potentially derailing behaviour, defusing the situation and keeping the mediation process on track. She has great patience and empathy, remaining impartial and non-judgemental throughout. I would highly recommend her professional skills in mediation.
Dr Monica Hill, Trustee, West Sussex Mediation Service & Volunteer Assessor Raleigh International
Having previously co-mediated with Marianne on a complex NHS case and being impressed by her compassion and expertise, I had the pleasure of recently co mediating a larger multi party mediation with Marianne. This was a very complicated case, involving highly skilled technical staff in a private sector multinational company. Marianne took charge of the preparatory work which was exemplary: focused, detailed and constructive. During the sessions themselves, I was impressed by Marianne’s coaching skills, her empathy, her ability to reframe and summarise and her unfailing optimism. I can fully recommend Marianne as her dedication to establishing common ground and encouraging the parties to move forwards and focus on the future through her mediation skills were second to none.
Alexandra McAdam Clark, Mediator and Assessor, McAdam Mediation
Marianne is an experienced and professional mediator. She skilfully steers parties in conflict towards a solution that they own and buy into. Marianne demonstrates empathy for both or all parties while remaining completely objective and driving the process towards a win-win solution. Where appropriate Marianne is particularly good at getting the parties to first visualise, and then to actively plan to get their relationship back onto a positive footing, drawing inspiration from better times they shared before the conflict temporarily derailed their relationship(s). Highly recommended.
Sue Davies, Mediator, HR Consultant, Anti-racist, SCD People Solutions

About Marianne Schoenig

Marianne is a Workplace & Employment Mediator (and Civil & Commercial Mediator), Executive Conflict Coach, Transformation Consultant and Workshop Facilitator. Marianne is recognised for her empathy and sensitivity, including treating people with dignity and earning trust quickly. Marianne achieves lasting improvements from her consulting commissions, mediations and facilitations, including complex multiparty cases – and she believes fair, supportive and engaging relationships at work should be accessible for everyone.

Marianne serves as a guest lecturer, trainer and workshop leader in workplace mediation for undergraduates as well as HR and other professionals. Marianne has also judged at the National Student Mediation Competition, and is an assessor of newly trained mediators. Passionate too about mental fitness (ie people’s capacity to stay connected to their resourcefulness in times of setbacks and negative emotions), Marianne is promoting easier and more affordable access to support for those interested in improving their mental fitness.

Marianne also holds a Diploma in Procurement and Supply and an honours degree in Business. Before specialising in mediation, coaching and transformation consulting, Marianne facilitated teams and helped people develop their talents – as part of her leadership responsibilities initiating and collaboratively building a more inclusive and diverse global supplier base for a well-known multinational professional services corporation, in which she worked closely with the People & Culture function.

Additionally, Marianne served on the board of a global non-profit focused on equal opportunities for women-owned businesses in international supply chains. Marianne received an award (The International Alliance of Women World of Difference Award) for her efforts and collaborative achievements in support of improved livelihood prospects for severely under-privileged women workers in India.

Marianne’s interests outside work include family, walking, nature, cycling, travel, reading and culture.

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