Philippa Brown

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“I have been working with Philippa for several years now and find her, always, such a pleasure to work with. She brings huge experience and insights on conflict, peace and security issues. Her interpersonal skills are brilliant and I am always very impressed by her ability to manage difficult client/stakeholder conversations with such skill, composure and professionalism. I always look forward to the next opportunity to work together!”
“Philippa has been an absolute joy to work with- incredibly dedicated and an absolute professional, managing complex programmes with skill and subtlety. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

About Philippa Brown

Philippa’s career has focused on conflict and dialogue, and has taken her to conflict hotspots across the globe, particularly Afghanistan, Somalia and Pakistan.  Philippa, or Pip, has always been interested in understanding what’s going on, under the surface of a conflict and how dialogue can transform issues. After a civil service career in several central UK government departments of state, Pip shifted her focus internationally. She managed and led several cross-cultural, civil-military high performing teams, often spread over several different geographic locations. delivered programmes seeking to address the drivers of conflict.  A CEDR-accredited mediator, she now uses her experience and skills to reduce the negative effect of conflicts close to home. A firm believer in the importance of supporting people to talk through difficult issues, Pip is a long-standing Samaritan listening volunteer and also a trustee and trainer.

Pip provides expertise to a range of clients including the UK government, UK military, United Nations, European Union, development agencies and think tanks.  Her clients praise her collaborative empathetic approach, which builds and enhances relationships that have become fractious and dysfunctional.  Pip considers herself successful when she has supported people to move on from a conflict.

When not immersed in conflict, Pip can be found tootling around on her clarinet, swimming, or learning about bee-keeping.

At a Glance

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