Rosie Compton

Transformation Consultant

What people say

“Rosie is one of the top three mediators I have worked with in 32 years.”
David Walker MBE, Director of Calm Mediation, London, UK
“Rosie’s coaching is so powerful. Even within one session I gain such clarity from being asked great questions, enabling me to plan actions to move forward. Thank you!”
Coaching client, Anon.
“It was a great help to have my case understood in the eye of a neutral person and I so appreciated Rosie’s assistance in supporting us to reach a resolution. Mediation done with tact. Thank you! A great, friendly service. A lot less daunting than court!”
Mediation client, Anon.

About Rosie Compton

Rosie is a remarkably successful and highly skilled Mediator, facilitating the resolution of conflict in seemingly intractable disputes with individuals in organisations, supporting them to find their own solutions, bringing lasting resolution. Her professional background includes proven success in managing significant, challenging organisational change, and delivering performance in very senior roles in education over two decades.


Founded on values of integrity, authenticity, commitment, compassion and courage, Rosie is currently coaching successful leaders around the world. Her coaching frees leaders from internal conflict and empowers them to take simple steps to change habitual behaviours, thus creating new and lasting impact on those individuals as well as their organisations.

Rosie is passionate about mediation, conflict resolution and organisational transformation and has a wide variety of experience, building on a successful track record as a senior leader in Local Authority schools in Inner London over nearly two decades.

Accomplished and well trained, Rosie is an accredited CEDR and CMC registered mediator. She has experience of workplace, commercial, civil, community, neighbour and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) cases as well as free commercial mediation at the Royal Courts of Justice. She has mediated in the private, public and third sectors.

In addition to her career in education, Rosie qualified with the Royal Institute of British Architects with a post graduate RIBA part 2 and is an Associate member. She has also completed the ‘Women Transforming Leadership’ programme and the Oxford Programme in Negotiation at the Said Business School at Oxford University.

Principles, values, and skills which underpin her work include:

  • Building rapport and trust by careful listening and empathy with excellent communication and social skills.
  • Developing fresh approaches to meet the needs of all participants through a collaborative, versatile, flexible, and thoughtful commitment to fashioning solutions.
  • Achieving positive outcomes through creating an environment based on mutual respect.
  • Listening, challenging, and encouraging participants using strong communication skills to ensure that resolutions are based on honesty and transparency and bring lasting peace.
  • Open-minded, professionalism, resilience, personable.

Fair and balanced, Rosie works very well with people from all walks of life and cultures. Passionate about achieving excellent results, she prides herself on bringing conflict to a peaceable ending, even in seemingly intractable disputes.

When not working, Rosie relaxes by being in, on or under water: including rowing, swimming and taking water taxis on the Thames, as well as being an avid photographer and walker.

At a Glance

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